Superintendent Drops a Bombshell: Says He Wants to be "Honest"

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 at 2:40 am

The Fly has learned that a meeting for staff and teachers to discuss budgetary issues was held on Thursday at the BF auditorium. In answer to a question about staff cutbacks, the superintendent dropped a bombshell. Saying that he wanted to be “honest,” he let it be known that “they were talking about cutting some 32 non-tenured teachers” as a budgetary move. That’s news to many including top school administrators who may not have been forewarned. The 20-30 people in attendance can get a head start on those resumes… that is, if any of them were non-tenured and, therefore, targeted. The Fly wonders if this was the superintendent’s way of saying “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Hanukkah” to our hard working teachers. And what of the administrators at Cottage Place? Would they be spared if such cuts came about?


  1. So what happens? Class sizes go up? Taxpayers, let your voices be heard! They need to cut the fat at the Ed. Center, not the meager salaries of non-tenured teachers.

  2. Clearly the classes sizes will go up if this is true. Letting go of 32 non-ternured staff is too much. They must think of a different way to shape down that budget. It sounds like we, including the children, will be affected by this budget problem next year. If this does go on…it’s only fair that the non-ternured teachers be told ASAP.

    Tough times ahead.

  3. How about some “fat cat” teachers… They should be encouraged to retire early and hire other newer teachers… you would be surprised how good many really are.

  4. The problem is…how does one encourage the older ones to retire? It is not like corporate America, where you can offer them money. There is no extra money.
    I am still struggling with the idea of our class sizes going up after most of us in the village just saw a tax HIKE!!! It is ludicrous.
    Not to mention, as a non-tenured teacher myself in the district (a specialist) of course I am sick over the possibility of losing the job that I love. Will my program be cut? Am I safe due to the specialized nature of my job? You know, they can get rid of tenured teachers as well, if the positions are eliminated.
    This is why I laugh when people claim that tenure gives you job security. It simply does not mean that you cannot be let go.
    Boy, that announcement just really ruined my Christmas.

  5. Tenure screws us all, again.

  6. I can’t believe the mismanagement of our top admins. How could the chief of schools so casually discuss this possibility without first discussing it with the principals of each building? Talk about management 101. Dan, what were you thinking? Oh no… I hope he doesn’t take Regina’s lead of carrying out business without thinking it through.

  7. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the incompetent “tenured” teachers being let go. Tenure should be abolished. It basically gives a teacher license to become ineffective after obtaining their guarantee of a job for life. Private industry could never survive with such a policy. Kudos to Dr. Fishbein! I doubt adding a student or two to classes is going to have a huge impact.

  8. Trim the dead wood in all age groups.

    Some of the new teachers have yet to show that they are any good.

  9. How about some energy managment?
    Hire some qualified engineer to check out the heating in most bldgs.
    Some times the bldgs are too hot and still have single pane windows.
    Ride by some schools and you’ll see windows open on cold days.
    Cut back on lighting. Why are some bldgs all lit up at 9 or 10PM. The night crew is only in one class at a time.
    Get rid of cars that are used for personal transportation.
    Reduce the waste of supplies at all schools and Cottage Pl.
    All little things add up to savings.
    Nothing should be concidered to small to be counted.
    You need to spend money to save money in the long term.

    Cutting big things like people, is just a band aid and not for the long term.
    We will need the teachers back some day when the classes get to big. Now we’re back to square one.
    Lets save for the long term.

  10. Public school management is about managing waste. They don’t really manage anything else. Waste as in:

    administrative staff;
    teaching staff and aides;
    paper; reams and reams of paper;
    state mandates;
    federal mandates;
    more paper; reams and reams of paper;
    absurd policies;
    political correctness programs and policies;
    energy – open doors and windows;
    technology poorly deployed throughout the system;
    curricula run amok;
    certification processes;
    covering up mistakes;
    never firing anyone no matter how incompetent;
    passing the trash (did you know that former RHS principal Muchiollo (s/p?) is now superintendent of Fishbein’s former district, Glenridge??).

  11. 10:26
    I wonder what that was all about.
    A switcherrooo?

  12. 11:25 it’s how public school business is done: Passing the Trash. They have ours and now we have theirs.

  13. great we do a switcheroo of incompetent, do-nothing kinds of people. Yippee for Ridgewood.

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