Like your mother said ……or should have …

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 at 6:35 pm

the Ridgewood Blog would like to remind everyone to LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET

be safe !!!!

Martha Stewart for 1-800-Flowers.com

  1. Also, be safe on Ridgewood roads after a snow storm as they do not salt their streets. Even main streets are still snow covered with no signs they have been salted. Best example is Monroe street going North towards Waldwick. Ridgewood=snow covered/dangerous roads cross into Waldwick, nothing but pavement and no signs of snow. Did Ridgewood drop the ball with this snow storm? This was the first time seeing main roads as horrible as they were.

  2. Side streets are always going to be a problem because there is less traffic and main roads need to be cleared first. But, what is going on with the main roads. WHAT A MESS! No one can expect the roads to be perfect after a storm, but they have to be better then this.

  3. 1:59 – yes, RW and their wayward contractors dropped the ball on this storm.

    Friday storms are terribly inconvenient…the hope for overtime is minimal.

    We need more Sunday storms….then the roads will be pristine !

  4. Hey..bitching about the roads being covered with snow is on the previous posting..save the space here for something else.

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