Keith, kudos to you for not buying into the social engineering of the Corzine nanny state?

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 at 6:04 pm

We knew that the two Democrats, Zusy and Aronshon, would vote for this liberal nonsense. How fitting that our two RINOs made the difference in its passage.

Mancuso and Pfund, the Republican party ought to yank your registrations and denounce any affiliation between itself and you.
One must ask, why you two pretend to be Republicans. If you are always going to act like liberal Democrats, why not just join their party? The Republicans in NJ are wimpy enough, we don’t need you to help us be wimpier.

By your actions, the me-too I want to be liked, Democrat-lite posturing, you have all but guaranteed that this village will be run by liberals after the next election. After all, you have given Republicans no reason to vote for you and when faced with a Democrat challenger, well funded by the Bergen County Democrat Party machine, the mushy middle and their friends on the left will vote for the real thing.

You two fools have given our village away to the left. Merry Christmas

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  1. I could not attend either hastily called VC meeting on the intertwined fate of our dowtown and the new apartment housing project.

    I didn’t hear why the town was caught unaware, apart from weak-kneed drivel about the state not giving us more time. I suspect, however, the project was not assigned just last week.

    Who missed the deadline? How soon until they pack their things and get out of town? How dare they leave an important decision until the last minute? I, for one, don’t care to spend any more tax dollars on whoever missed the deadline or gave the bad advice to wait until the last minute. Watch, JTH will use this as an excuse as to why he needs two new assistants.

    As the lone vote against the new Village sponsored apartment complex, I ask Mr. Killion to write an open letter to the Village explaining what happened, who is responsible (and how soon they are leaving) and what steps are being taken to avoid this kind of blunder in the future. I would like to see him step up and take a more agressive role in running things and getting Village Hall to work. Or, should we expect all major decisions to be made in this sort of haphazard, last minute fashion? We voted in Arohnson, Zusy and Killion to stop the incompetence. The first two now seem overwhelmed by the task at hand. Therefore, it is up to the third to at least let us know what is going on.

  2. You get what the government you deserve. You voted for the slate, now live with them.

    I for one was not about to vote for Zusy and Arohnson for this very reason.

  3. 9:12 AM.


  4. Well, perhaps we got what we voted for, but I for one would like to hear an explanation as to why this COAH vote was a complete last minute vote with no chance for community imput. Did the VC just assume that no one would object to the placement there or have a better idea on where the housing could go?

  5. Look for the spin control and the finger pointing. Maybe Paul will wright about it in his weekly column in The Ridgewood New

  6. Well, then perhaps no one cares if we get an answer or not.

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