It is amazing to me the way the VC complains about the BOE

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 at 6:07 pm

It is amazing to me the way the VC complains about the BOE and their run-away spending and then turns around and forces it to accommodate, perhaps 100 or more, new students at the smallest of our buildings, Orchard. Did the VC ask the BOE how they would manage to absorb these students? Is the Corzine administration going to pony up the funds to build the additional classrooms at Orchard? Both these entities, the VC and BOE, act as though they have no effect on the other. In the mean time, the tax payers get hosed with inefficiencies and poorly thought out expenditures. The days when Ridgewood could afford this kind of bloated, endlessly funded government have passed. The taxpayers are stretched to limit.

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  1. Let’s do some math: there are 90 units being built, and most likely elderly and ex-cons if not sexual predators will be hosed there: teachers usually earn more than to be elligible, and I don’t see police officers sleeping there with rains going to their virtual backyard at all hours. None of the groups listed wiould come with children, but except for the elderly, the rest would come with new sets of problems to reside right where you park your car, where your kids walk to school, etc.

    IMHO, Orchard’s population will be virtually unchanged, while the make up of the people walking around town with not much to do will increase exponentially. Any thoughts?

  2. Why, yes, here’s a thought. You are dreaming if you think 90 units of affordable housing will not bring any children into our school system. Of course they will come — for a lower-cost way to get their kids into Ridgewood schools. Especially kids needing special ed services. In this day and age, many families would put up with living near train tracks/downtown in exchange for excellent schools and services. I bet the Village Council didn’t even think about the impact on the schools like Orchard.

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