turf is the answer

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The post is in favor of turf fields. I know alot of private money was raised for the Maple Park field.

The BOE and youth Sport Committees as I remember had many conflicts as to who had field rights when the first idea came up about turf fields who would pay for it. Through alot of hard work, many of youth sport organizations were able to raise the money for Maple Park. Once it was up and running and showed its success, RHS teams were wanting to have thier teams play on it. It is an asset to all youth sport teams that can play there day after day with no damage and has reduced injury rate to all players.
But if the BOE wants to now turf some its own fields, one would think you would want to turf fields that have ample parking for all attending, availability to have lights on field that don’t compromise residents that live near by, and a field that is not subject to heavy flooding (look at pic Ridgewood News Dec 19th A6). B.F. Middle, Sommerville, Citizens Park have these availabilties, Not Stevens of RHS. Try to drive down N. Irving and its surronding streets when those fields are in use.


  1. why not revel in SNOW you jerks! Why does this stupid village plow the bike path before the streets! SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKE PLAYING IN SNOW!

  2. 2:40 – I’ve noticed that you always get grouchy when “Oprah” ends…

    The Lax Dads run the town…let’s turf the churches, roads and all 53 eateries while we’re at it…

  3. Does anyone sell a “snow turf”?
    Maybe we can raise money for that and lay it down in the winter.

  4. It will absolutely KILL me if we get money to turf the fields, amid all this talk of budget cuts and firing teachers. Is education about learning in classrooms or is it about sports? Priorities, priorities, priorities, people!

  5. Development of the mind, body, spirit and character are all important and each has its place. To suggest that high school education is only about classrooms, illustrates a failure to understand the role that secondary/high schools serve in American society today. Sport is not the “most important” component of a high school student’s education. However, it is often a critical one.

  6. There is no money for turf. Did you see the previous post about teacher layoffs?

  7. 9:10- and one cannot play sports on grass fields? I don’t know about you, but when I was in high school, that’s all we had and we did just fine. We also actually learned material, didn’t have “re-takes” when we didn’t do as well as we should have, didn’t have a million pretty little projects, and were answerable for our behavior. Kids using vending machines at all times of the school day, wearing hats, walking around with Ipod earphones in, cell phones in pockets… it is a wonder they learn anything.

  8. Maybe we need to go back to one big community school… complete with desks nailed to the floor and a big pot-belly stove to keep us all warm?

    Folks… if you dont like sports… so be it. But your child is REQUIRED to take P/E and Wellness courses. Go up to RHS and ask a Phys Ed or Health teacher about the Stadium and Stevens grass fields. Ask how often they cannot conduct daily Wellness programs on the grass b/c it doesnt drain and its a muddy mess. Ask them how they have to cut programs down, therefore cutting the effectiveness, because of the poor fields. Ask them if they’d want turf at RHS and Stevens. These are not HS coaches… they are HS teachers who cannot do their jobs with the muck there.

    While you’re at it… one of you gadflies should consider what should be on the horizon: a lawsuit. What would stop a RHS parent from suing the school for not providing a proper wellness program for their non-varsity, non-sports-playing child? State-mandated.. and we cannot provide what Northern Highlands can on their turfed stadium field… year round, by the way.

    When the first suit is filed.. watch how quickly the BOE addresses the problem.

    Forget varsity athletics. Think of your RHS kids and working off all the calories they get from the vending machines. Just go ask a teacher and they’ll fill you in.

  9. What is wrong with the old guideline of, if it is nice out, we go outside. If it’s muddy, we play on the blacktop or play in the gym? Wasn’t that how you grew up? I did…

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