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In Uncategorized on December 19, 2008 at 2:46 pm

“anne zusy said…

Hi James. Once again (ad infinitum; ad nauseum), you have got it wrong. If it’s your intention to Drill Baby Drill then you go. But by the way: You’ve got it wrong, and I’m too incensed to bother trying to correct. Happy holidays to those who still have a soul amid your otherness nastiness. Annie”

An absolutely pathetic attempt at damage control on Ms. Zusy’s part.

Councilwoman Zusy: Yes or no; is the Planning Board, of which you are a member, recommending that the Village’s ENTIRE affordable housing obligation be satisfied by constructing a multiple story housing facility on South Broad Street, at the former site of Brogan Cadillac? Will the Village Council be voting on this plan tonight? Yes or no Ann, please.

Thank you.

  1. Please tell me that there is not seriously a proposal to build a big low income housing development on Broad street

  2. Under the cover of a major snowstorm, darkness, and an approaching holiday season, the Village Council will vote this evening.

    Happy holidays to all of you conspiracy theorists!

  3. Is this representative of the way Ridgewood typically conducts public business comrade Zusy?

  4. Way to, Annie!

    Someone has to tell the nattering nabobs of negativism where to stick it.

  5. the straight story would be simple to tell guess ms zusy thinks she is going to lie her way out of this

  6. go play in the SNOW you life-sucking bloviators!

  7. No response yet from Comrade Zusy?

    I guess that about sums it up.

    Bend over South Broad Street area residents and say: “I just pay taxes and you’re a councilwoman, so it’s ok if you just go ahead and screw me.”

  8. Dear Mr. “nattering nabobs of negativism”,

    Do you realize that Agnew was lying about tax evasion when he continued to use this term for the press?

    You may want to coin your own catch phrase.

  9. “If it’s your intention to Drill Baby Drill then you go.”

    Ms. Zusy, I’m a republican and voted for you.

    I don’t like your implication that we are all stupid republicans, which is what I think you are saying in your comment.

    Isn’t the Village Council suppose to be nonpartisan?

    I voted for you because I thought if you were truly a liberal, you would oppose the big business, bad Valley Hospital deal.

    If James has it wrong, correct him.

    I’d like to know if there will be an affordable housing complex built and in what school district it would be.

    It seems to be a right as a resident to know this information.

  10. Zusy you’re looking like a despot. You’ll need a new wardrobe, though.

  11. 3:43 – I’m sorry you voted for Ms. Zusy. I’ve been on the receiving end of some of her more “charming” emails, THIS is the real Annie Zusy. I’m surprised it took this long for her to begin using her poison keyboard.

  12. Way to, Annie!


  13. looks like zusy has moved from lefty to an out and out anti christian christmass basher..that tree is a disgrace

  14. She says NOTHING: a lot of blamestorming, and 0 information. Then ad hominem attacks to put the enquirer on the defensive.

    Reinforces the idea that she’s a birdbrain incapable of coherence.

    When is she running for office again?

  15. “When is she running for office again?”

    Not soon enough!

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