Planning Board to Village Council: “Build All Affordable Housing Units on South Broad Street”

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The Fly has learned that Planning Board members have recommended the Village Council approve a plan under which all affordable housing units required to meet the Village’s current COAH (Coalition on Affordable Housing) obligation would be constructed on South Broad Street. It is believed that the construction of approximately 90 new affordable housing units would be required to meet the Village’s obligation under current COAH guidelines.

Reportedly, the targeted location is currently owned by the Cancelmo family; up until a few months ago, it was the location of Brogan Cadillac, Inc. It is not known at this time whether the Village has entered into a property development agreement with the Cancelmo family, or whether a willing developer has been located. Obviously, one very large building, or several mid-sized structures, would be required to support 90 housing units on the noted property.

It is interesting to note that Planning Board members (see names below) recommended ALL 90 affordable housing units be constructed in a neighborhood where NONE of them currently reside.

Planning Board Members:

David Nicholson – – Chairman (Liberty Street)

Albert Pucciarelli – Vice Chairman (Cottage Place)

David Pfund – Mayor (Hillcrest Road)

Ann Zusy – Councilwoman (West Ridgewood Avenue)

Morgan Hurley (Ethelbert Place)

James Bombace (Midwood Road)

Anne Ward (Mellrose Place)

Nick Tsapatsaris (North Murray Avenue)

Charles Nalbantian (Bellair Road)

Richard Barclay – Alt. 1 (Brookside Avenue)

Thomas Riche – Alt. 2 (Sterling Place)

The Fly asks: Is it really fair to drop all 90 housing units in the same neighborhood and school district? Why South Broad Street? Was there ever an advertised public hearing concerning this proposal? Why schedule an 11th hour vote during a non-televised meeting on such an important issue?

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  1. Are there currently no affordable housing units in Ridgewood? I find that hard to believe. Is there a particular rental fee that qualifies? If so shouldn’t the Planning Board count up the number of units we already have at that price and remove that number from the “required” 90?

  2. The board members live in well developed neighborhoods where space for these units is unavailable. I don’t think there’s any conspiracy here. Broad Street has several large properties that could accomdodate the type of high density housing generally associated with low income housing. Sprinkling units throughout town is not cost effective.

  3. “Sprinkling units throughout town is not cost effective.”

    Since when is affordable housing cost effective to create? If it were cost effective, the state wouldn’t be in the business of mandating it.

    Now tell me, was Village Hall cost effective?

  4. “I don’t think there’s any conspiracy here.”


  5. “I don’t think there’s any conspiracy here.”

    1) a last minute meeting
    2) no televised coverage
    3) 6PM on the a Friday before Christmas
    4) no posted agenda
    5) no copies of proposed resolution available for public review
    6) a major snowstorm expected
    7) no scheduled public hearing prior to the roll call vote

    Case closed; screwed again by Pfund and Company!

  6. Elections have consequences.

  7. If I wanted to live in Montclair I would have moved there years ago.

    Orchard School gets screwed in this deal. Totally F*&^ed. Where is the BOE and Planning Board going to decide to build new classrooms to accommodate the influx of perhaps 100 new students.

  8. “I don’t think there’s any conspiracy here.”

    There’s always a conspiracy, as long as The Fly is here.

  9. State representatives and mayors are asking Gov. Corzine to extend the deadline for complience.

    Call the Governor’s Policy Council Aid Jung Sooknee. She advises Corzine on issue like the COAH. He is the only one who can stop former state senator and now Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Director Joe Dorea form insisting on a Jan. 1 deadline.

    Ms. Sooknee’s number is 609 633-1302.

    I am sure she will be delighted to inform the governor of his constitutes’ thoughts on this mandate.

  10. Yea, they should “extend the deadline” till we are way pass the housing crises with its glut of unsold and empty homes.. say like 2012.

    Unbelievable that they would give a green light to a plan that adds more housing to this state of affairs. Are these people daft?

  11. It is the left’s attempt at social engineering. They some how think that taking poor people out of Patterson will some how change them if they are housed in Ridgewood.

    The only thing that is going to fix the plight of the poor is education. And the Dems and their union buddies have not a bit of interest in fixing the schools in urban districts.

    Now they want to do to our schools what they did in the ghettos. Hence, the constructivist math in our schools.

  12. Orchard School gets screwed in this deal.

    That is your punishment for sneaking those unauthorized math worksheets into the Everyday Math curriculum.

  13. We have TERC 8:43. But you could be right.

  14. Is this list of dignitaries an incestuous group?

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