Child Struck by Auto Today

In Uncategorized on December 18, 2008 at 11:30 pm

At approximately 5:55 p.m. today, a child was struck by an automobile at the intersection of North Maple Avenue and Marshall Street.

Injuries sustained by the child were reported to be non-life threatening.

Ridgewood Police, Fire, and EMS organizations all rendered assistance at the scene.

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  1. so we were complaining to much on this blog ? about the right rev? yikes whats the cout ill take some bets 7 by year end

  2. Didn’t mom teach them to look both ways before crossing the street?

  3. 839 weren’t you one of those folks making all kinds of excuses for it ,so its really your fault , the excuse makers are as guilty as the as the perps

  4. 17 South was backed up this evening. Traffic poured into Ridgewood. Too many cars on secondary roads.

  5. 9:26 – Guilty as charged. Only hyper-complainers like you could’ve saved that child.

  6. I was driving home this week when a pedestrian stepped right in front of my car as I approached the intersection. She was wearing dark clothing and I honestly didn’t even see her.

    I also experienced a driver sailing through a stop sign as if it never existed.

    This is just awful! At this point, who’s fault it was is less important than the fact that it’s becoming excessive.

  7. Thank you for posting the info on the child. My 9 year old was in a vehicle not involved in the accident but he saw it all as it happened. He was quite shaken and upset. He told me last night that his only wish from Santa is that the “kid is okay.” I’m glad the injuries are not life-threatening. I hope the injured child has a speedy recover. Merry Christmas!

  8. Hopefully this driver (unlike some) will take responsibility for the accident and will be grateful that the child is not gravely injured.

  9. i heard the teenager ran out into traffic between cars.

  10. Tracy needs to get air brakes for her broom….too much texting by drivers….

  11. I heard the kid ran between cars stopped in traffic, and wasn’t in the crosswalk. Finally a reality check. Stop and look before crossing I always say.

  12. It’s still the driver’s fault even if the child jumped onto the front of the vehicle. It’s still the driver’s fault.

  13. It is definitely the driver’s fault. That is a busy area where the kid was hit yesterday and cars should be travelling very slowly and drivers should be watching closely. And yes, the more people complain about the lousy drivers the better. Maybe all the complaining will make some people slow down when driving where pedestrian traffic is likely. INCLUDING THE MINISTER WHO ANNOUNCED THAT SHE WAS GOING TO CONTEST THE CHARGE THAT SHE HIT A CHILD IN A STROLLER IN A CROSSWALK. You should hear the scuttlebut about her at her church and and our church which is next door. People like her who blame the victim are part of the problem. A big part of the problem.

  14. “It’s still the driver’s fault even if the child jumped onto the front of the vehicle. It’s still the driver’s fault.”

    You’re right!

    Keep jumping out into traffic without looking and trusting the drivers to stop and you will be dead right!

  15. Do any of the posters who heard that the pedestrian ran out into the street have anything other than hearsay upon which to rely? Maybe it is wishful thinking so they can feel good about themselves when they drive around carelessly without any regard for pedestrians.

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