Village Council Set to Vote on Plan for Construction of 90 Affordable Housing Units

In Uncategorized on December 17, 2008 at 8:39 pm

It has been revealed that Village Council members will vote Friday evening on a plan to construct 90 affordable housing units at an as yet undisclosed location within the Village. Per current COAH regulations, a formal plan to construct these units must be approved by Council members prior to midnight on December 31, 2008. Failure to formalize a construction plan by the aforementioned deadline could theoretically expose the Village to multiple lawsuits by private developers.

The proposed location of the 90 affordable housing units will remain a closely guarded secret until Friday evening. At one time, the David Bolger property on Chestnut Street was on the short list. However, Mr. Bolger’s planned construction of a massive self storage facility there nixed that idea. The Schedler property on West Saddle River Road was also on the short list. It was recently removed from consideration after Village Council members authorized its purchase for Open Space use.

Locations now rumored to be under consideration include:

Ken Smith Motors on Franklin Avenue (condemnation required) – Ridge School District

Former Brogan Cadillac property on South Broad Street (condemnation required) – Orchard School District

North Walnut Street municipal parking lot, between East Ridgewood Avenue and Franklin Avenue – Ridge School District

Hudson Street municipal parking lot, between Prospect Street and South Broad Street – Orchard School District

Municipal Garage on Chestnut Street – Ridge School District

Municipal compost facility on Lakeview Drive – Orchard School District

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  1. yea ok on lakeview dr.that will fly real good.do you know what that facility saves the town.big bucks.I been on that block for 32years its not going to happen.nice try.put it on broad st.

  2. put it on hillcrest farm.

  3. how about at rt 17 park and ride.

  4. hey do the people on lake st know about this one or are they in dark.

  5. Hmm?

    Let me get this straight. So only 1 school will have to absorb the children who will now live in these 90 units. Last time I looked Orchard had only 350 children. Why not spread them out throughout all the schools?

  6. This is total nonsense and we should fight the state. How dare they tell us what we have to do.

    Grow some balls VC and get on board with Steve Lonegan to fight this encroachment by the state.

    This will drive down property values and raise enrollment in our schools, while providing little in property tax revenues.

    Talk about the tyranny of the left. Maybe they should all go live with Corzine. I am sure he has room in his neighborhood/building for a few units to be set aside for the poor.

  7. put it on broadst.

  8. Yeah put it on Broad Street on the po’ side of town.

  9. I say convert the wasted space at village hall!! In other words, all of it.

  10. Good. I hope it goes full steam ahead.

  11. How will they expand Orchard? By digging into the carcinogenic landfill?

  12. put it up your ass nj state.

  13. pay the money and put it on rt 17,

  14. tell me how much is this going to be,when they say low how low.

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