BOE Spends $11.5k In Preparation of Turfing High School Fields

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From the latest rps.eNews:

The Board approved the awarding of a contract to M. Disko, in the amount of $11,500, for the purpose of filing permits with the DEP for the renovations and upgrades of Stevens and Stadium fields. DEP permits must be filed in order to determine what, if any work, can be done to Stevens and Stadium fields as well as and the track and bleachers.

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  1. I thought they were broke….

  2. don’t you mean “I thought WE were broke”

  3. Spending 11.5 thousand dollars on a study to spend millions more on covering the earth with plastic and rubber tire pellets, how “green” is that Ms. Zusy and Mr. Killian.

    Maybe we can recycle the ornaments from the Christmas Tree to make artificial turf for our high school fields.

    And the BOE complains that they can’t afford text books for the high school, let alone math books for grade schoolers.

    Shame, shame on all of them. And shame on us for putting up with this nonsense year after year as out taxes spiral out of control.

  4. So much for budget shortfalls, huh?

  5. Sounds like good long-term planning to me.

    The total cost of ownership of a turf field should pay for the investment, and the kids in Ridgewood will get much more use out those fields for years to come.

    Kudos for the BOE for pursuing this wise investment!

  6. “Kudos for the BOE for pursuing this wise investment!”

    Until it has to be replaced.

  7. And yet we spend so much money on sports when our kids can’t do math. I though schools were for education…

  8. “Spending 11.5 thousand dollars on a study …”

    We are good at that (spending money on studies).

    Ridgewood is well known in the consulting circles as a reliable revenue source… even in hard times. (I’m not kidding)

  9. That’s the problem, we haven’t spent anything on sports. Ridgewood’s athletic budget is one of the smallest in relation to other schools with a similar number of student athletes in NJ. Why do you think each and every sport has it’s own booster club? Our fields and gyms haven’t been touched in thirty years. We’re now going to have to pay for the neglect of the previous administrations. It is going to be costly but if it is done thoughtfully and correctly it should bring us to the same level as other schools and set us up for years to come.

  10. 1:56 – Be forewarned: People who criticize the BOE around here are considered Freedom Fighters Engaged in the Great Struggle Against Tyranny and Communism.

    While people who say something positive about the BOE (e.g., you) are labelled “flacks”.

  11. bull shit its all about laying off more workers,thats what its all about.

  12. broke we are not,they are just spending the money in a way that we never seen before.a little at a time.they have money.come on if they are spending 300000 on new bathroom do i need to say any more.

  13. a pj we need to find out how much money we realy have,come on they keep saying we have no money.well it must be some place.and they need to stop saying it is in town hall.yea in a vault,hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  14. I would have no objections to spending that money IF there WASN’T a 1.9 million dollar budget SHORTFALL. Good luck BOE to getting your bond referendum passed. Get ready neighbors, parents and tax-payers for all of those Budget coffees hosted by the HSA mommies to lull you into a false sense of security. I’d imagine they’ll start happening sooner than April. The HSA’s have a lot of work to do. No worries… all will be well, after all, it’s Ridgewood!!!!!!

  15. Why don’t we turf every field, then we wont have to pay for a Parks and Rec crew or the mowers to cut the grass.

    And when we turn Graydon into a concrete pool, we will have totally solved the geese problem once and for all.

    I can just see it now. A totally synthetic village right down to the recycled multi-cultural ornaments on our Holiday Tree.

    I can’t wait till the youngest graduates and we can move to greener environs.

    It truly sad to see our village go down hill so rapidly.

  16. 3:24 PM –

    It ain’t workin’.

    Try another smear tactic.

    …maybe one with a bit more subtlety.

  17. Thought it was understood that the Village Ridgewood already went ahead and filed for DEP bonds and permits, especially for those permits for the Stevens and RHS field, right after the famous CMX Comprehensive Parks, Fields and Recreation Master Plan Draft 3rd presentation last fall?

    If so, why the additional need for taxpayers to foot an additional $11,500 contract bill??
    Also, by the way, a date for the Formal Hearing of the Master Plan has yet to be announced for comments from the PUBLIC, as per the Village website.

  18. How many workers were laid as a result of Maple Park being turfed?


    You’ll have to direct you job insecurity somewhere else, 4:24. Turfing these fields has nothing to do with eliminating workers in town. We all know there is plenty of work that is not getting done now. If anything we need to hire more workers.

    There are many reasons for this proposal. But, the primary reason is to maximize the efficiency of the limited resources we have. It is inexcusable for a field like the RHS stadium field to be utilized for a handful of games in the spring and fall and to sit idle the rest of the year, while RHS and youth teams divide up time on the remaining fields.

  19. I thought the BOE sent all our money to Pearson. Anyone know if M. Disko is the “turf affiliate” of Pearson?

  20. It wouldn’t be so bad if they actually bidded it out CORRECTLY, but you know they won’t. It’ll go to the HIGHEST bidder.

    These new fields are being praised around the state so far. And the maintenance is extremely low, which can save SOME money i guess.

    Oh, and just an FYI to the person that thinks it’s about the books not the sports.. you haven’t been watching TV for the past few years have you? it’s all about celebrity and sports.. Just look at Rutgers.
    (I mean that in the nicest way possible too)

  21. Turfing fields – good idea for amount of teams needing fields
    Turfing another field in the flood zone-Bad idea

    Maple Park has suffered some real damage over the past 2yrs. from the flooding Ho-Ho-Kus Brook. Not to mention, some of the bacteria from the flood waters. The Turf has some has wrinkles and is raised in certain areas.

    If you are going to turf fields, please use fields that are not subject to brook flooding.

    B.F. Middle School has a large parking area, rest rooms could be used, two fields could be in use at once. Lights could be placed facing back to school off hill area, not to bother Westfield residents.

    How about turfing Citizens, GW, Sommerville fields? Parking is greatly available at all these locations.

    Turf fields reduce cost in watering and maintenance. Many teams can play as often without damaging turf.
    Good idea.

    But to spend 11.5 Million to put turf fields in such a vulnerable area that floods often, has no parking facilities, BAD IDEA !!

    These are tough times, please use your heads.

  22. 3:24 –

    We call you an automaton.

  23. The thing is, 3:24 is a flack for all things done and proposed by the BOE and VC.

    Hence, his silly missive.

  24. What Chuck wants, Chuck gets.

    Do you really think he cares if the stadium field is in a flood plane?

    Turfing Sommerville, GW (a grassless wasteland)and BF all make to much sense. But then again, so would getting rid of constructivist math.

    So, don’t hold your breath that the BOE would actually make a common sense decision.

  25. I wouldn’t mind all the consultants and pre-planning experts. But it seems we make the wrong decisions anyway. I say we just make the wrong decisions without having to pay any of them to help us.

  26. 6:34 & 12:35 — good job, Freedom Fighters! Your contributions will be long remembered.

  27. Maple Park has suffered some real damage over the past 2yrs. from the flooding Ho-Ho-Kus Brook. Not to mention, some of the bacteria from the flood waters. The Turf has some has wrinkles and is raised in certain areas.

    The Maple Park field can be improved, e.g., some sort of retaining wall to prevent flooding from the brook.

    However, as it is right now, the turfed Maple Field is a HUGE improvement over what was there before. Many more sports teams and Graydon Camp kids get to play on a field that was often unusable when it was natural grass/dirt.

  28. 11.1 million dollars is almost one quarter of the proposed bond referendum. How can this be justified? Bricks and mortar stay around for ever[school expansion/renovation] but artificial turf needs replacement at some point in 10-12 years. The proposed fields will be in a flood plain. Bad for the environment ,bad for the taxpayer.

  29. It’s not $11.1 million for fields. That number includes other items outside of the fields. “Turfing” Stevens will probably run around $750,000, Building the new track at BF will cost about the same (does not include a turf field as of now) and “turfing” the RHS Stadium will be less as it is a smaller piece of property but the Administration would also like to greatly improve the seating, concession area etc…so there will be additional costs. The reason for the additional study (cost $11,500 not $11.5 million as referenced above) is to determine exactly what can be done structurely with the bleachers, retaining walls, concessions, lights, etc…. The study already sitting down at Trenton was to get approval for “turf” only, and it was paid for by private donations. As both Stevens and RHS are a short distance from Maple the engineering and environmental studies are very similar and the fields should be approved.

  30. “I wouldn’t mind all the consultants and pre-planning experts. But it seems we make the wrong decisions anyway. I say we just make the wrong decisions without having to pay any of them to help us.”

    I second 9:32 AM’s sentiments!!!!

  31. 9:41 –

    Do you even know the meaning of the word subtle?

    Maybe that is the problem… we may have to talke you back to basics before you can understand.

    Then we can proceed with the lesson at hand.

  32. RE: It truly sad to see our village go down hill so rapidly.

    It is stunning how much it has accelerated in the past few years.

    I guess the tipping point has been reached.

    As they say on the street… SELL! SELL! SELL!

  33. The way I figure it, it will be another 6 years before the housing market is in full bloom. Just in time for my youngest’s graduation from RHS.

    Then it will be time to sell. I’ll be sayin’, “see you suckers.” Would have liked to stay and grow old here but since it is not the same place we grew up in nor is this what we singed up for when we decided to raise our family here too.

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