Athletic Groups Not Paying For Field Use As Required

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From the latest rps.eNews:

During Monday evening’s BOE meeting, BOE member Laurie Goodman reported from the Fields Committee that athletic groups are supposed to be paying a fee of 20% of gross revenue to use the fields and most are not. That policy will be reviewed to see if it should stay the same or change.


  1. The fields of Ridgewood are used to their capacity by sporting groups. I think that the cost of maintaining a level and green “sporting” field should be payed for in part by the ones causing the “use damage”.

  2. Agreed

  3. public schools used to provide sports teams for children. they gave that over to private clubs to escape having to pay for them. taxes to pay for public schools, however, didn’t go down. now, parents had to pay their taxes and club team costs for their kids to play sports. the schools and town own the fields, they should maintain them as well. that is why we pay taxes. stop with the hiring of too many administrators and managers who then need assistants and consultants to help them do their jobs. the public schools cost more and produce lesser and lesser results. when will this end?

  4. You know why so many talented athletes leave our district? Because the Catholic schools hire coaches who know what they are doing.

    In Ridgewood, we have so many gym teachers who haven’t a clue about the sport they are tasked with coaching.

    We play musical chairs with teachers here to see who is going to coach our children. This method employs coaches from LAX to baseball who haven’t a clue as to what they are doing.

    And you want to raise taxes and bond to do what now?

  5. I think there needs to be some clarification on this. If I’m not mistaken the intent of the surcharge was to charge outside “for profit” entities to use the fields. (Camps, clinics, outside elite traveling teams etc… although our own RHS Coaches were subject to the charge as well.) The children involved in the youth sports programs in town are the same children who are students in our schools and it is their parents who already pay for the alleged maintenance of our fields (have you walked across Stevens or RHS lately?) with their tax dollars. I know our BOE has made some interesting decisions in the past but I would find it hard to believe that they would seriously consider charging their own taxpayers for maintenance on fields which in many cases are a disaster when they are going to face an uphill battle on the budget and a proposed bond issue. The most supportive people of the BOE and the budget are usually the people who have kids in the system and are the most involved and from my experience that is the sports and music parents. I really don’t think the BOE wants to mess with them.

  6. You know why so many talented athletes leave our district? Because the Catholic schools hire coaches who know what they are doing.

    Kind of like the math situation, eh?

  7. 12:39

    Someone should throw a shoe at your head. Maybe two shoes.

  8. its all about laying off workers.so it looks good on paper.and then they get the votes.

  9. I’m curious 4:06 PM why you would want shoes thrown at 12:39? He or she is not entitled to an opinion without the wish for bodily harm? BTW 12:39 is right about the best athletes leaving RHS. The coaches are teachers of gym and they are rarely skilled at coaching the sport to which they are assigned. That usually undermines the preparation of any gifted athlete who would benefit from more talented coaching. Why be so upset with someone commenting on this situation?


  10. To clarify for 12:58, the fee in question is for for-profit sports camps,usually operating in the summer, NOT the town sports leagues like Maroons, RBSA, etc. I believe the fee was discussed and approved by the Village and BOE in December 2006.

  11. and they have no money yea,

  12. This is laughable…The sports groups paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the renovations at Maple Park. The BOE did not contribute a penny!!!

    Yet, who is the biggest user of Maple Park? RHS

    Oh, by the way, who was it that paid hundreds of thousands of dollars when Brookside Field (a BOE property) needed to have its drainage redone about 6 years ago? Oh yea, it was the sports groups…

    Maybe he BOE should start paying its fair share to utilize the “shared” field facilities in town. Goodman is way out of line on this one.

  13. Not for nothing…all public schools round here use gym teachers as coaches…why would we be any different…..

  14. 5:12

    Two shoes for you as well. You have not a clue of what you speak. 8:47 is absolutely correct in his/her assertion. And the “drain” of athletes is not as great (or as detrimental) as you surmise. Look at the varsity records. Pretty amazing by any standard.

  15. I don’t know how I’m out of line…I was just reporting on a conversation at the Fields Committee, which is made up of representatives from all the youth sports leagues. That group, last year, instituted the fee for for-profit sports camps, and now they are considering re-evaluating the fee because its implementation has been inconsistent. This isn’t about charging the youth leagues. The school district makes 12 or so fields available to youth sports leagues at no charge.

  16. You clarified it fine, people like to vent without all of the facts although it is a real black eye on the BOE that they did not contribute a single nickel to Maple Park. Adding turf to Stevens and RHS besides being necessary will go along way towards balancing fields use by both RHS and youth sports groups and will also put the BOE in a much better light. Better late than never. In regards to Brookside, that drainage project was paid for by the BOE if I remember correctly and the bill was around $400,000.

  17. The RBA paid for the renovation of more than one school field. ther was never a complaint because it uses the fields.

    However, the BOE is sorely lacking when it comes to maintaining our basketball courts. Most are as slippery as an ice skating rink.

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