Despite Worsening Economic Conditions, BOE to Approve Increasing Employee Headcount

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From the 12/15/2008 BOE Meeting Agenda:


New Positions for the 2008-2009 School Year

It is recommended that the Board approve the following new positions for the 2008-2009 school year, effective January 5, 2009:

• 1.0 Special Education Classroom Aide, Orchard School
• 1.0 Special Education Classroom Aide, Willard School

The Board has received background information.

Hot Offers (12.7 - 12.13)

  1. a pj the story on the street is the b.o.e is talking about laying off the hole grounds dept.and its all about the money they say but you and i know that is all bull shit.they have the money.we all will see the grass and around the schools go to shit,just like 10years a go when the did the same thing when thet got an out side bizz to do all the work ,what a shame.pj will the taxes go down for all of us if this happens.hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.I dont think so.

  2. Excellent — this will improve Special Ed in both Orchard & Willard, providing help to the kids who need it most.

    Kudos to Dr Fishbein & the BOE!

  3. yes thats the story all around town.I cant beleve they would like to get ride off the ground workers that cut the grass and clean snow.and yes the pay they make is not that much.whatch what happens to all the out side of the schools.it will be the same as marriot inc,o, boy.now what about me and you how will this save me money are they going to cut my taxes,?.????????????????????????????.

  4. well we all need to wake up.look what is going on in town.they would love to have cheep labor.so they look good bull shit to them,we are not dummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  5. Children’s needs drive the services of special education and the services must be provided according to the law. Ridgewood must find the money to provide for these services regardless of economic crisis.

  6. 2:10/4:22/4:24 – your keyboard is stuckkkkkkkkkkk and so is your brainnnnnnnnnnnnn

  7. better get a second job 726

  8. I am a special education teacher. Ridgewood Must comply with state laws and provide these students with an aid if it is stated in their IEP.

  9. 10:15, you obviously don’t have a clue or the sensitivity to parents with children of special needs.

  10. well tuff times demand sacrifices so if the kids needs are so important then the teachers so put in some free time

  11. yes the kids needs like when they cancelled drivers ed …what a bunch of bull you mean the need to keep hireing more techers is the most important

  12. technology would solve this problem use the internet to educate and sve the teachers to the special needs ,my kid has a special need to lean math when does he get some help

  13. yes more internet and less teachers union I say

  14. schools are here because teachers need obs ..kids have nothing to do with anything

  15. yes the teachers union hiding behind special needs to grab more hires pathetic !!!!!

  16. yes 345 get your check book out

  17. Fire Regina and that will free up over 150 g’s!!!! We all know she doesn’t earn her keep. She is useless and sabotages so much of the great work our teachers do. I repeat… fire Regina, at least it’s a start!

  18. Ridgewood’s Special Ed population has increased steadily over the past 20 years.

    The better we do at providing services, the more parents want to live here to take advantage of our generosity.

    On the other hand, one must ask, why the increase in children who need these individualized learning plans?

    This is just another example of why public education is broken. One sizes fits all in the assembly line model of education is outdated.

    Privatizing education is the only way to guarantee quality and contain cost.

  19. 10:36, from your post, not only does your child need help, but you need help with your spelling.

  20. These meanspirited comments about special education confirm that it is time to move out of Ridgewood! This is no longer a caring community, but has become one where everyone is out for himself. Making jokes about children with disabilities and their special needs is disgusting!! The idiots on this blog who made these comments should be ashamed of themselves.

  21. Sounds like the Grinches are out early this season, blaming everything on special needs kids & the teachers trying to help them. Shameful.

  22. another lying union hack using special needs kids to hire more teachers ,I suggest teacher put in an extra hour of work like the rest of us…

  23. i love when you hid bhind the kids when its to your benefit ..the teachers union is a joke !!!!! sorry for all the good teachers out there that have to put up with this bull but you union has not only ruined public education but its is about to bankrupt this state

  24. obama told you its gonna gt tuffer that means tuffer for teachers as well

  25. this just another scam from the union to hire more bodies and rake in the dues…wait till you teachers see how much of your pension money is lost or stolen….hehehehehehehehheh

  26. & the anti-teaching ranting continues…amazing that this happens in a town with a great education system

  27. not anti teacher just anti teachers union that union has degraded your profession and stolen your pensions lol sucker…….

  28. We need special ed. We need to trim salaries and eliminate some hire upps positions. Ms. Botsford for one. She’s making our teachers “re-learn” how to teach! According to her this “re-training” is going to be “long term and on-going”. Our teachers cannot teach? What a bunch of horse manure especially in these harsh economic times. I thought the principals have autonomy at their respective schools? Then why do we need to pay a Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction more than 150 G’s / year if each school is “doing it’s own thing”? Our budget director would have been canned long ago had he worked for a private company. The buldings have been crumbling for years yet they were ignored. Now the cost of repair is considerably more than it should have been had we maintained them properly all along. Now he claims he needs another paid assistant. How much does the Superintendent make anyway? I think 125 grand should be enough. No more pensions for new hirees. To hell with pensions. When you’re through working you’re off the payroll PERIOD, end of report.

  29. Once again, the special ed kids get picked on by the bullies…this time, it’s the bloggers who want to knock them down.

  30. 7:21 – And that is part of the problem – a lot of things get put into those IEP’s to keep the parent happy whether the child really needs it or not. Also, Sp Ed kids not only get an education,(which is fine) but also transportation, OT, PT, Speech, after school care, etc.all on the taxpayers dime.

  31. 7:21, FYI, nothing is put in IEPs to make parents happy. You seem to resent the services that children with disabilities need (OT, PT and Speech). You obviously do not have a child with special needs. If you did, you would be advocating that your child got these services too. Yes, the taxpayers’ dime pays for this. Our taxes are collected for the needs of every child in our community. It is sad that such prejudice and resentment still exists against those less fortunate. By the way, special needs parents have to fight hard to get the services our children need. Many of us do not get what we ask for our children and have to pay privately for services. Be grateful if your child does not need special education. Instead of speaking bitterly, reflect upon: “there but by the grace of God, go I.”
    -Mother of a wonderful special needs child

  32. The name calling of those who criticize Spec. Ed. is typical and why we can never have a serious discussion about the expenditures.

    If you say one word that is critical, you are accused of “picking on the children.” We have a problem here in Ridgewood and it needs to be addressed without demonizing those who believe that it spending has gotten out of control.

    The howls from parents are deafening when one suggests that maybe we should have alternatives to placing children in the mainstream of schools.

  33. There is no name calling, 2:32. It is an attempt to educate those like you who do not know how this system works. Now you are implying that special education children be put somewhere else and not be in the mainstream. Should they be put on a separate island like a leper colony? Would that satisfy the elitists like you? What arrogance!

    FYI, the reason Ridgewood has so many special education students and rising is because people are more eduacated today and more kids are being identified with autistic spectrum disorders and learning disabilities. This is a good thing! Now we know what we are dealing with and know how to remediate these deficits. We are not the only school district with an increase in special education students. It is a fact of life, so get used to it. Many families are struggling with having a child with a disability. If you are not, count your blessings, and do not be resentful of the help that others are trying to get so that their children can be successful in life.

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