the Ridgewood blog Poll:Do you like the new location for the Christmas tree lighting?

In Uncategorized on December 12, 2008 at 2:17 pm

Yes 50 (35%)

No 74 (52%)

Either is fine 17 (12%)

An over whelming percentage of blog readers don’t like the new location for the Christmas tree lighting

Votes : 141

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  1. I wouldn’t call 52% an “over whelming” percentage. Either is fine can’t be considered a don’t like.

  2. get over it. it’s not moving back to the old location. there is a reason why sane people don’t spend New Year’s eve in times square. Being packed in like sardines and not being able to see anything just isn’t enjoyable. Neither was the old location.

  3. to 223,you soud like you are a an ex worker in town,hummmmmmmmmmmm.is it you.I think so.take it easy the people are just talking.

  4. no i did not like it.so thats that my little worm.

  5. i love the tree where it is…. ann zusy shouold mind her own business and not get involed with the tree… she is responsible for the lovely decorations… good job again zusy why don’t you worry about our roads… nice plow job guys…buy salt we pay enough of taxes

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