Our nation is in the midst of an economic collapse and two wars and the good people of Ridgewood are fighting over christmas tree ornaments?

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Our nation is in the midst of an economic collapse and two wars and the good people of Ridgewood are fighting over christmas tree ornaments?

I think this goes to show how truly out of touch the people of this town are. If all you have to worry about is a few plastic bottles on a tree in the town square of an upper middle class community in one of the wealthiest counties in the richest nation on earth, then please be thankful that that you don’t have real problems.

Some people have lost their jobs this year – others have lost loved ones overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan – some have seen their retirement funds cut in half in the past 3 months. So please, it would be nice to see this blog embrace discourse that is uplifting this holiday season instead if the usual complaining of Ridgewood residents who have too much time on their hands.

Wayside Gardens

  1. That may be true but it doesn’t change the fact that our VC took away a bit of Ridgewood’s charm by its determination to change where the Christmas Tree is located and the celebration of its lighting.

    Traditions are what hold a community together, especially when times are tough.

    But you already knew that.

  2. yes and the great “global warming hoax” takes away one of our greatest traditions….kids you been had

  3. say what you want but that tree sucks !!!!!!

    bring back christmas now!!!!!!

  4. The original poster was spot on correct!

    Unfortunately, the nattering nabobs of negativism need to find something to complain, despite the fact that we live in such a fine community and wealthy nation.

    It’s really sad.

    Let’s embrace hope and change, rathering than nitpicking and complaining.

  5. 1203 i am all for change how about we 1)stop wasting money
    2)stop screwing with village traditions 3) restore our schools to thheir previous glory 4) and celebrate our ability to exercise our righjt to free speach

  6. The concern for a Christmas tradition that many of us have enjoyed for decades may seem trivial, but when things are as gloomy as they are, don’t we need the eternal solace and hope that the Christmas season represents all the more?

  7. “Let’s embrace hope and change, rathering (sic)than nitpicking and complaining.”

    Spoken like a true believer.

  8. Can someone please explain to me why expressing opinions… good, bad or indifferent are viewed as “nattering nabobs of negativism” (aka nnn for the purposes of this comment)? Was questioning the Stamp Act by our colonists nnn? Was questioning unfair governance of a monarchy in the new land nnn? How about questioning the women’s right to vote or questioning slavery? What has our country come to if we can’t allow for discontent? I am saddened by the lack of tolerance of those blasting their neighbors for expressing concerns… whether it be to the VC, BOE or Valley Hospital. I applaud anyone that is willing to ask questions and demand answers. I have always believed there are 3 kinds of Americans. Those that hide the truth, those that run from it and those that seek it. I hope we instill in our children the desire to seek the truth. Maybe if our BOE and VC sought the truth for themselves, there’d be less reason to express discontent.

  9. Let’s embrace hope and change, rathering (sic)than nitpicking and complaining.”

    I hope that the garbage hanging on the Ridgewood Christmas Tree changes into beautiful ornaments.

  10. The comments by 12:57 is what makes this discussion so hilarious. Comparing the whining of a few local malcontents to the Great Debates of Our Nation is the epitome of delusions of grandeur.

  11. this tree is anti-ridgewood. people in this town are accustomed to a certain level of class and grace. if i wanted a ghetto mess i would be living in paterson or newark.

    i can’t belive this is even an issue. just because some kids made these attrocities we have to put them on our tree?

    i say we tear this down and pick out some cute candles from william somona.

  12. Well said 3:59. Our town is not a crack den. So why is that tumor here? Let the kids have their own tree and we can enjoy something respectful to our lord and savior. I think this obama nonsense about “change” has gone far enough!

  13. if i wanted a ghetto mess i would be living in paterson or newark.

    oh my…perhaps you can send your hired help over to the see the tree…

  14. As the child of immigrants I’m appalled by that stain which is now in the village. I worked hard to get where i am and enjoy a place like ridgewood for what it is. This is the sort of thing i would expect to see in my native Boliva. If the council wants us to pay these taxes and put up with garbage in the streets i can take myself and my money else where.

    Seriously council – become adults and take this down

  15. We can’t stop the war.
    We can’t fix the financial crisis.
    We may be able to embarrass the town into doing a better job on a tree.

    While the arguement that bigger problems exist is valid, we can only hope to fix the local ones.

    The tree is sad looking, so instead of cheering me up even though I’m broke, it depresses me even more.

    Now do you get it.

  16. Well, if you think about it—– in Islam, you may not even represent Mohammed in human form; no pictures, sculptures or artistic renderings. Now, islamic extremists might have your head for it. More moderate muslims would just not be happy.
    Here we are, Christians… abiding by garbage on our tree. I have YET to drive by it at night LIT!
    The most we do is write a civil letter to a newspaper or blog about it. And we are told that we are being petty. Pish tosh.
    Try creating an artistic rendering of Mohammed in Morocco, Pakistan, Iran, etc in macaroni, plastic bottles, recycled CDs and the like. Go ahead, and report back to us.

  17. Wow. While I totally agree with your sentiment, 3:59, your choice of words couldn’t lack more class or grace.

  18. i can’t belive this is even an issue.

    I believe that's the point that the original poster is making.

    It's amazing that people would waste time & bandwidth nitpicking about Christmas decorations made by our school children. These people seems desperate to find something — anything — about which to bellyache.

  19. “Comparing the whining of a few local malcontents to the Great Debates of Our Nation is the epitome of delusions of grandeur.”

    At the time many of the aforementioned disagreements occurred they were NOT considered “great debates.”

    You, sir or madam, are whining about others stating a clear opinion and/or preference. Better for you to argue the opposite if you want others to believe that you have a brain ane are willing to use it.

    I won’t be surprised, however, if you didn’t.

  20. 3:21, those few local malcontents are much braver than you. Speaking up for what they believe to be important. Whether you agree with them is irrelevant and stifling their constitutional right is un-American.

  21. I love ridgewood, is your Kool Aid fruit punch or purple grape? The tree is great but why dessecrate it with garbage? That kind of lazy,lowbrow change that is not good: there’s no aesthetic value, no beauty. Don’t believe EVERYTHING they sell you in the name of change!

  22. At the time many of the aforementioned disagreements occurred they were NOT considered “great debates.”


  23. At the time many of the aforementioned disagreements occurred they were NOT considered “great debates.”

    Um, yes they were. Read the transcripts of the Lincoln-Douglas debates — they knew the gravity of the slavery issue in our Nation’s history.

  24. The tree is beautiful. In as much as I can appreciate the “green” sentiment, I have to agree that recycling does not belong on a Christmas tree. How about donating one ornament per family?

    I’m sure the children who put there effort into making the ornaments would feel just as proud that their family’s ornaments were on the tree for everyone to enjoy!

  25. By accepting this tree (as decorated) we are just teaching kids that it is acceptable to use garbage as decorations. We are just lowering the bar.

    The larger underlying message of this “teaching” will not serve them well in the future (when they leave the increasingly wacky bubble that is Ridgewood) even though it is the larger underlying message that the BOE and VC is specifically trying to teach them.

    Ridgewood kids used to go into the world with a distinct advantage over their peers. Now the BOE and VC seem hell bent on sending them into the world with a distinct disadvantage.

    Common sense left the administrators long ago and now it is being systematically removed from your children unless you teach it to them at home.

  26. I agree with 9:24.

    It appears that these pseudo-intellectuals (emphasis on “pseudo”) who use historical precedence to justify their whining haven’t actually read their history.

  27. History repeats itself… can we at least agree on that?

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