Another Pedestrian vs. Motor Vehicle Accident

In Uncategorized on December 12, 2008 at 3:15 am

At approximately 8:00 PM on Thursday evening, a pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle at the intersection of Broad Street and East Ridgewood Avenue. The pedestrian sustained non-life threatening head injuries and was transported to Valley Hospital. Personnel from Ridgewood PD and EMS responded to the scene. No further information about the accident is available at this time.


  1. I hope the person is OK.

    Better lighting at this intersection would help.

    This is a tricky and wide area with traffic coming from 4 directions.

    Perhaps limiting the cross walks to 3. Two going north and south in front of the parking lot and by the new restaurant the other east west at the other corner by the restaurant.
    Eliminate the one that crosses Broad were it is divided–put up a barrier at this crossing. This works in the City why not here.

  2. It would help just a little bit it the pedestrians would look both ways or in this case four ways befor crossing to make sure that it is safe……

  3. as a frequent driver thru ridgewood, i have noticed the lack of responsibility of people crossing the streets. i have noticed that they blindly walk into the crosswalk without looking to see if there is any oncomming traffic. and if there is, they walk anyway. almost daring cars to to challenge them. there is a dual responsibility here. drivers need to watch for pedestrians and pedestrians need to watch for oncomming traffic. if we work together there will be less accidents.

  4. 9:50


    It’s not just the drivers.
    It’s not just the pedestrians.

    They both must look out for each other.

  5. people tend to just start walking they should make eye contact with motorists before crossing.

  6. Pedestrian in Ridgewood have to take the risk everything when crossing the road as many times there willnot be a suitable break in the flow of traffic and no one seems to know that you must yield or wait for pedestrians at a crosswalk.

    It would be nice if the traffic:
    1. went at the speed limit or below
    2. Obeyed street signs such as “yield”
    3. Obeyed traffic signals such as “yellow meaning get ready to stop”
    4. Looking for pedestrian at corners before turning on red
    5. Was couteous and willing to think about other drivers instead of just being selfish.
    6. Didn’t multitask with coffee, cell phones, maps, ipods etc while driving.

    A car or truck is a massive piece of dangerous machinary that can kill if the operator is not attentive. It is a privilage to drive and a responsibility to do it well.

  7. I for one SCREAM at the drivers who are ignoring me in the crosswalk, and half the time they just look at me and keep going. I saw one woman who carried a hand-held STOP sign that she jutted out in front of her as she tried to cross in the crosswalks. Not a bad idea.

  8. 11:33 – Don’t hold your breath. The arrogance of drivers these days is at an all time high. The majority have no regard for pedestrians and unfortunately it only takes one such buffoon to cause harm.

  9. Anyone who rants at pedestrians for daring to cross the road at a crosswalk should try walking instead of driving for a change. They obviously need a change of perspective.

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