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For the taxes we pay in Ridgewood, a garbage-strewn tree is an insult to us the taxpayers, and to our intelligence. We are smart, educated people, who don’t need a lesson in recycling, or not one like this. It is condescending and lazy: they did not instruct the kids to make something pretty out of the recyclables: just put it on the tree, thinking that we’ll feel guilty and not dare complain, given that we’re such consumers…In the process, they’ve insulted our holidays, and uglified the town center.

I shudder what lessons they’re going to try to teach us with Valentine’s Day decorations, what they’re going to throw on the flag at 4th of July, etc.

Guys, we live in one of the most wired area in the world, we don’t need lessons from you, and neither do our kids, by what we’ve seen in terms of aesthetics and beauty, so do your job, and take the recyclables where they belong: the transfer station!

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  1. The entire Village government is an insult to taxpayers. But we keep voting the same aging local aristocrats in time and time again. Will we ever learn?

  2. 2:42 – Why don't you go on a "wilding" spree? You could walk up & down Ridgewood Ave, yelling at people about the "garbage-strewn tree" and how the Village government is an insult to you and other taxpayers. Thrown in some complaints about the BOE and Valley Hospital while you're at it.

    People would respond to your leadership skills & enormous intellect. Then we'll finally get rid of the "aging local aristocrats" who are ruining this place.

  3. Hey 2:42 – Looks like you struck a nerve with one of the one of the aging local aristocrats who are ruining this place!

    Either that or 3:34 has been hitting the egg nog pretty heavy a little early this year

  4. The tree is an embarrasment. This season is one of kindness, love and charity. A garbage strewn tree does not reflect the season.
    And it is inappropriate for the holiday of Christmas or Hannukah or Kwansai…or anything else. I think Ms. Zusy needs to understand beauty and have some common sense in regard to when and HOW to use recycleables. There are so many wonderful things being done with recycleables. But the Ridgewood tree is not one of them. It is a disgrace. Children have to learn how to create something pleasing to the eye and to the heart when
    using recycleables. Creating is not just moving them from the recycle barrel to the tree!!!
    Take the decorations down, NOW, and leave a beautiful lighted tree.
    Another shame on Ridgewood. As a Ridgewood resident and taxpayer I stress that our council needs to be voted down and out.

  5. While I agree in principle with 2:42 that our Village government is an insult to taxpayers, Mancuso is the only “aging” person on our VC. Three new members and one dunderhead of a mayor hardly make for an “aristocracy.”

    All three of the newly elected VC members voted to move the Christmas Tree.

    So, now what?

  6. This blog must be having the desired effect. The flacks for the village political establishments are in full throated defense of all things related to our local pols and bureaucrats.

    According to them, we ought to shut up, sit down and be grateful that they are willing to be in charge.

    How noble of them. Rapportez la guillotine.

  7. Il est juste comme un marxiste à vouloir étouffer la critique d’un gouvernement shitty.

  8. 3:43 I don’t need to “yell” at people. I have the Blog, a fine tool for sharing and exchanging engaging opinion.

    Sounds like you’re the one who needs to go on a “wilding spree.” As I said before, stay away from the children.

  9. I see the iTunes ad above comments here has a beautiful Christmas ornament on a tree not garbage like ours.

  10. Babs.. you should teach the little childrens then how to REALLY make an ornament since you are so critical of them.. You seem to know everything about ART.

  11. 4:53- si vous êtes ici, sur le Blog Ridgewood, au moins ayez le respect pour les autres et parlez anglais… ça ne sert à rien de parler en français si (peut-être!) 3 ou 4 personnes dans la ville peut comprendre, n’est-ce pas????

  12. Please 8:35, let me decorate your tree with the bottles. I have plenty in my recycle bin.

    I can make some really nice angels out of ’em.

  13. There must be a better way to make the decorations for the tree.
    This is the first year, lets hope this get better next year.
    3:43 is on other blogs insulting anyone that doesn’t see things his way.
    AND watch your spelling-he’s an X English teacher makes fun of spelling errors too.

  14. 10:27,

    I figured the Marxist would understand french since it is the birth place of all bloody reveolutiuons in the name of the people.

    So for the sake of the masses I will translate, “Il est juste comme un marxiste à vouloir étouffer la critique d’un gouvernement shitty.”

    Translation: It is just like a Marxist to want to suppress criticism of a shitty government.

  15. OK, It sounds as though the tree concept wasn’t very good — but do we need to crucify our new VC members for that? Its a minor, though visible boo-boo. (The cyncial part of me wonders if all these comments aren’t coming from the two VC members who lost the last election as part of a plan to re-capture their council seats!!!)

    Seriously, the more important issues facing the three new VC members and all of us until we get rid of the two VC holdouts, is what are we going to do with the disasterous over-building that is now taking place and/or in progress? E.g., the proposed downtown garage / housing complex?

    The new folks were voted in to bring our village back to some degree of normalcy — please, lets get going on someting more serious!

  16. 10:46 AM, If you call what they did normal, then I am voting for the old regime, thank you very much.

    We all knew Zusy was a whack-a-do and Aronsohn a political flack but Killian, well we thought he was brighter than this.

    I haven’t heard the 3 new council members tell the public that they made a “boo-boo” and are going to restore our traditional celebration, did you?

  17. OH tais-toi.
    Si vous can’; type l’anglais de t le don’; type quelque chose de t

  18. Δοκιμάστε αυτού. Αφήνει την κίνηση προς τα καλύτερα θέματα.

    And if you can’t do Greek try German

    Versuchen Sie dieses. Lässt Bewegung, Themen an zu verbessern.

    And my wife says

    Buon Natale a tutti.

  19. Do we need to get the United Nations involved to get the tree back? I hate that bloody cesspool, but if it’s necessary then let’s Esperanto!

  20. I think we should return Zusy back underneath the rock we took her out from. Next election I will pass on her.

  21. Merry Christmas to you too, 3:31

  22. 3:25 PM,

    Who are you telling to “shut-up?”

  23. Joyeux Noël

  24. I agree 7:07. She has way to much to say. Mostly, nothing is said clearly.

  25. yes it is true the person said he will pay for the tree to go back on broad st,he has the money and you all no who he is and thats that.as of last night at the show,

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