have been appalled by the village’s lack of fiscal discipline

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Given the current economic environment, fiscal discipline certainly is in order. Look at approval of emergency appropriations from 12/10 meeting-
Approve Emergency Appropriations – Current Fund – Makes an emergency appropriation for various departments in a total amount of $332,548 which is necessary due to the fact that the Uniform Construction Code Trust Fund will not generate sufficient revenues to support its indirect expenses for the Current Fund Operating budget for these various departments

In addition, you would have to imagine next year’s budget will be facing a big hole in terms of higher pension costs given most pension funds are down 20%+ this year and this is one of the largest expenses in the budget.

Since I moved to Ridgewood 5 years ago, I have been appalled by the village’s lack of fiscal discipline (spending on putting greens,etc.) and inability to manage large capital projects (village hall reconstruction, Habernickel farm development). Why will the Schedler property be any different? Also, the Village would be giving up $40k in annual taxes as an undeveloped property plus how much in additional costs (insurance, etc.) where the Village really needs all the revenue it can get at this point.
I’d rather see Schedler developed as single family homes or as a commercial space where we can get more property taxes.

There’s nothing wrong with open space but the problem with Ridgewood is they haven’t shown any ability to manage or maintain properly their existing open space.

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  1. What a brilliant idea. Lets buy more land for playing fields which can then be neglected by the Parks and Rec. Dept.

    Defenders of the P&R cry about the lack of man power to maintain the existing fields and we want to increase the acreage.

    Makes sense to me.

  2. Open Space purchases by govenments in Bergen county are just a ruse to avoid building affordable housing. This so-called green initiative is just window dressing for avoidance. Take your pick: open space or affordable housing. I think I already know the prevailing answer.

  3. They should just charge people to park there.. that will end the fiscal problem. As much traffic as Ridgewood sees in terms of SHOPPING and EATING that thing should be filled up constantly! Put a time limit on it so you can get MORE revenue! Besides, the out of towners would be the ones paying as residents would know other places to park.. or better yet.. WALK.

  4. yes that is so true we do not have the workers that we did 10 years a go.all depts are low in workers.but not in the fire and police,hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  5. o yea they keep hireing in the fire and police depts.but they dont replace workers in other depts,i see i live in town.

  6. I don’t want to walk as I will surely be hit by a car as I cross at a pedestrian crosswalk.

  7. It is obvious that the less schemes the village council invents (that inevitably end up wasting taxpayer money), the better off the town (and the residents) will be.

    History is usually the best predictor of the future. And unfortunately, the village council’s well intentioned inititatives in the past prove that they can not be trusted in managing large scale development initiatives.

    Sad but true.

    Instead they should encourage the private sector to invest and build things like parking garages etc. And have a single golden rule, which is: zero taxpayer risk in any project of this type.

    As a resident, I do not feel that our village council understands both the financial crisis our state is in and just as importantly, the challenges our residents have in paying the incredibly high property taxes to live in this great town…

  8. It is amazing to me that so many of you complained about the old Village Council members and demanded change. You voted for Annie and Keith. Now you don’t like their behavior any more than the people you voted out of office. I didn’t vote or either of them. Maybe the problem is not with the Village Council, but with you. Just a thought…

  9. 2:28 …

    Perhaps this is a harbinger of the “change” that many Villagers hoped for when they voted for Obama.

    I’m sure we’ll be seeing some buyer’s remorse there as well.

  10. this new council is out of the loop with a few things.they seem to many that they do what they like.and they dont talk to any of the workers in town.they dont stand behind any off them unless your a cop.hummmmmmm.some thing never changes.what a shame/

  11. we all no that all depts in town is low on staff how come they are not replaceing workers,its not like the town is over staff.

  12. I suggest any and all town new hirees don’t receive pensions. I don’t get a pension, do you? Get a real budgetary advisor. Remove the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. After all, the principals have autonomy at their schools. She is instituting a massive ongoing scheme to have all of our teachers go to school for retraining. Don’t they know how to teach already? Paid fire department? Why? How do towns like Paramus (with their larger population and industries) survive with a volunteer fire department? Why are our buildings suddenly in need of huge maintenance? What does the animal control man do anyway? I see millions cut with these few examples alone.

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