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NEW LOCATION FOR TREE LIGHTING is at Memorial Park at Van Neste Square.

6:45pm – Music: Band, Flag Salute, Harmony Chorus, Art of Motion Children, Official Greeting from Mayor

7:30pm – Tree Lighting

7:40pm – Musical Entertainment continues until 9pm

*** SANTA will be in his House in the Park on SATURDAY, Dec. 6th, 13th, 20th and Christmas Eve – 12/24 10am – 2pm


  1. Boooooo!!!!! what a horrible tree!!!! it looks terrible and the council should be ashamed of themselves for downgrading like they did

  2. Couldn’t agree more!!!

  3. Agreed. A great tradition has been ruined by opportunisitic politicians who lack perspective and common sense.

  4. The tree lighting was a great time tonight. The tree looks great right there in the park. Additionally, this is both environmentally better by not cutting down a tree every year as well as better for our village budget because we are not paying money for the manpower to cut and move the tree, set it up, and take it down every year. Kudos to whoever had the idea to change this tradition for the better. Hopefully this continues for a long time.

  5. yes how pathetic

  6. 11:38 PM,
    This is “environmentally better by not cutting down a tree every year…”

    Grow up. Trees are a renewable commodity. All the trees we have gotten in the past are donated to the Village and were slated to be cut down. Did you know that trees die everyday and new baby trees sprout up and grow to be Christmas trees.

    Next time, please, exercise some common sense before wading into a debate. This will avoid you the embarrassment of making silly statements about the environment.

    And to be sure, the tree lighting was lame and so was the festivities. I miss driving down Ridgewood from East or West and not seeing our Christmas Tree.

    Not having the lighting at Broad Street just wasn’t the same. It didn’t work and didn’t feel like the Village was ours for the night.

  7. 11:38 – A once a year tradition is hardly excessive in terms of manpower. They still have to decorate and undecorate it every year and how about maintenance of the tree? Now we have to spend manpower hours pruning it and feeding it and making sure it doesn’t die – how embarrasing would THAT be? I’m all for doing as much as we can for the environment but that argument doesn’t fly with me. Additionally, there were a few benefits to the tree being cut down every year…did you know that the villager whose tree was cut down got a tax break for that year? When the tree was taken down it was fed through the chipper and given to the town to be distributed as part of the free woodchips that are available.

  8. 11 38 makes a good point

  9. it is also not very symetrical – it is leaning to one side.

  10. you’ve got to be kidding…with all of the taxes we pay, and all the crap many of it goes to, the village cannot afford a few hundred dollars???? it’s pennies per resident to accomplish what didn’t happen last night. Yes i know that’s not the only thing we pay for and yes i know it all adds up, but if the businesses want to draw people, then you would think they might want to chip in too

  11. I didn’t like the tree lighting this year. The tree they planted and lit was the smallest one in the park. They could have lit one of the existing trees and it would have had more impact. I am not opposed to the planting of a tree rather than cutting down one every year, but I think they should have planted it where they used to place the old one. There is something that is just breathtaking with driving on Ridgewood Ave from either direction and seeing that beautifully lit tree.
    As for the ceremony in the park. Why did they fence in the park? It made for a very difficult exit after the tree was lit. I saw so many people trampling through the bushes on either side of the stairs.

  12. I think the tree looks great and its wonderful that Ridgewood has gone green! Much better to be able to stand on all sides of the tree throughout the park.

  13. That poor silly little tree decorated with plastic bottles is an embarrassment to the VC members who voted to destroy our tradition for the sake of a few dollars. Yikes!!!!

    This sucks.

  14. I am overwhelmingly disappointed in the tree lighting as a whole. It is bland. Boring. Nothing for the kids and nothing for the adults. Tree lights go on and we go home. No christmas carols, no stores open. I rememeber when I was a kid how busy and fun the tree lighting used to me. Even when I was a teenager it was great. I took my son there this year and he wanted to go home before the tree was lit. What does that tell you. Come on Ridgewood Drop the political correct boring show and put some Christmas cheer back in the lighting

  15. the tree will grow and become more grand with age … aren’t there more important issues to be discussed??!!

  16. boy o boy did you bums fuck up the night.what a waste of money.dont any of you bums now what the fuck you are doing.you council people are so out of the loop.

  17. “…its wonderful that Ridgewood has gone green!”

    …another uninformed idiot who hasn’t done the math or research or even bothered to read the above comments to find out that “goiing green” in this case is probably a net negative to the community and the environment.

    …but that what you get when well meaning buffons latch onto bumper sitcker ideologies because they “sound good”.

  18. We decided not to go to the tree lighting. Another tradition gone///no more Christmas tree…no more Merry Christmas…what is this world coming to . YOu offend someone by saying Merry Christmas so you have to mumble happy holiday instead- bah humbug!

    Did we light a menorah too?

  19. 9:57 – Agree with you completely. Why not plant the tree in the place of the old one? I love riding down the Ave and seeing it. Even better was coming home on the train after a hard day at work and knowing I’d (literally and figuratively) arrived in Ridgewood. Friends who live up the line also enjoyed it.

    It’s still nice to have a great community no matter where the tree is.

  20. Tree lighting sucked this year. That tree is pathetic for $30,000! You have to be kidding me! I’m all for going green but I don’t think this was a very big step in that direction. Somebody should start a petition to change it next year. $30k for a tree!! And it wasn’t even lit tonite till they sent an employee on ovetime to turn it on!!

  21. 6:25pm really had some great insights on the event and how to better celebrate the holidays. His attitude is poor and unwelcome. That being said, welcome to Ridgewood, New Jersey. Unhappy, apathetic, indifferent, entitled, pretentious, snobs. It is always easier to criticize those who do rather than try to help.

  22. Dear Mr. (Santa) Bolger,

    Please save us from the Village Council. We need a natural Christmas tree back at the end of Ridgewood Avenue. The idea of going green and placing the tree in the park was a good one, however it didn’t work.
    We have a year before the next lighting, plenty of time to fix this. Please Santa you have to save Christmas for the Villagers!!!!

    Fahoo fores dahoo dores
    Welcome Christmas come this way
    Fahoo fores dahoo dores!!

    9:57 and 8:31 you are spot on!

  23. Skipped the lighting on Friday and took a look at the tree last night.
    Apparently people are unhappy with it, the treee is covered in garbage. People had the nerve to dump toss empty water botters and plastic containers onto the tree.
    It looks awful….quick somebody clean this mess up!!

  24. Killean’s First Folly!

  25. I can’t believe what a big deal people are making over a christmas tree. Get over yourselves!

  26. i think it sucks a bush with garbage all over it merry f##king christmas to you too

  27. if it aint broke dont fix it ,the VC are PC pussis

  28. You know things are REALLY BAD when Ridgewood residents go to another town to see their Tree lighting instead of the one in the town they live in. BOOOOO!!!!! Ridgewood council….you F’ed up Christmas in Ridgewood!!! Oh..and by the way Ms. Zusy…thanks for driving your car through the park to get the tree so those little cracker grabbers could decorate it with crappy decorations. Since when did we allow cars to driver htrough the park? Just walk like everyone else, lazy ass!!!!!

  29. 1:32 AM,

    You are a big jerk. We have every right to complain. This isn’t the UUSR or Iran. It was paid for with our money and it sucks. We have every right to express our disapproval.

    You calling people names for expressing their opinions is the height of arrogance.

  30. All the complaining people are Ridgewood newbies anyway and don’t even remember where the tree used to be 20 years ago, and would have complained back then too when it was moved. I support the move. The crowds at that location were an accident waiting to happen.

  31. Where was the tree 20 years ago, old wise one?

  32. 20 years ago, the tree was right were it was last year. At Broad and East Ridgewood Ave.

    I remember too, 12:11 because I grew up here.

    So there, Mr. Smarty Pants.

  33. 8:57 AM –

    Thanks for setting the record straight.

    Those darn facts are always tripping up lightweight sycophants like 12:19!

  34. 4:39 and 8:57

    For your info the tree was located in the middle of what is now the parking lot, which at the time was just a turnaround at the tracks. When they enlarged the area into a parking lot the tree was crammed into the southwest corner which you insist was the “Traditional” location. At that time all were alarmed at the moving of the tree from the traditional location. Here we go again. You may have grown up here, but you didn’t pay attention.
    – Old wise one
    (aka: Mr.smartypants)

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