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  1. And Fishbein either can’t or won’t see the difference.

  2. Here’s another stupid TERC problem that I saw lately:

    If you don’t remember this fact, write about the strategies you used to find the answer.”

    …followed by 1/2 page of space to write.

    This is for FOURTH GRADE! Another example of how TERC keeps our kids at low-level mathematics. This problem says that it’s ok for a fourth grader to not know multiplication tables. Fourth graders should have mastered long multiplication by now. And they should be learning long division!

    Instead, our fourth graders are learning estimation and probability without learning ANY of the underlying mathematics. It’s like lowering the ceiling in our children’s bedrooms so they can’t stand tall as they grow.

    C’mon parents! If we don’t speak up we’ll get more of the same from the math planning team. Come to Monday’s Board of Ed. meeting and speak up during the public comment sessions.

  3. Ok parents, it’s probably been a while since you looked at an algebra book, but here’s a really stupid problem in 7th grade CMP2:

    Problem: Find the slope and y-intercept of the equation 10 = x – 2.5.

    Correct Solution: It has neither, since there must be a y-variable for a slope and a y-intercept to exist. All I can say is that x=12.5.

    Incorrect Solution in CMP2: The equation 10 = x – 2.5 is a specific case of the equation y = x – 2.5, which has a slope of 1 and a y-intercept of –2.5.

    What? One cannot simply decide that 10=y is a special case – another example of low-level, sloppy math created by math educators that exclude mathematicians in any discussion for fear of challenge.

    Here’s a better problem:

    Problem: y = 5x + 10, where y is the % of Ridgewood graduates entering college that require math remediation, and x is the number of academic years since constructivist math was introduced 5 years ago.

    1. What will be the % of graduates requiring math remediation when you graduate if you continue to study nonsense like CMP2?

    2. What was the % of graduates requiring math remediation before TERC, Everyday Math, and CMP2 were introduced to Ridgewood 5 years ago?

    1. Including my 7th grade year, x=10 when I graduate, so 60 % of my class will need remediation! Woo…Its even worse at Bergen Community. I’ve heard it’s 80%!
    2. When constructivist math was introduced 10 years ago, x=0. So only 10% of students required remediation.

    While I can’t validate the 10% and 60%, the point is clear: Kids raised on constructivist math aren’t ready for college. Ask any math or science professor.

    The real solution isn’t mathematical; it’s political: Parents need to call for change. Speak out at this Monday’s Board of Ed. meeting. Show them the bizarre, ill-posed problems your kids bring for homework.

  4. wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to see math comics anymore? Oh well, the top admins and BOE let that opportunity completely disintegrate, what about 2 years ago. Who is holding back the honest, transparent, and necessary progress. Our kids deserve it! Regina, if you don’t like the game, please take your ball and find another court to dribble in.

  5. 1:26 was that a problem from CMP that is now claimed to be “fixed” with CMP2?

    Just anticipating what the guerilla marketers and prosletizers will say.

  6. Are these really CMP2 problems?

    I thought CMP2 and the rest of the constuctivist math was teaching LESS Math (or in some cases NO Math) and idiotic “strategies” for math problem solving.

    I had no idea that CMP2 was teaching INCORRECT Math!

  7. 11:57

    Of the hundreds of posts I’ve read about the crappy math being taught in R-wood, yours is the most poignant and direct. Take this example directly to the next BoE meeting and ask them if this is the way they were taught.

  8. 11:18 the board members and REGINA are too dense to understand it and too defensive to do anything about it if they did, by some miracle of the brain — actually get it.

  9. It’s either:

    A.) Money
    B.) Stupidity
    C.) Ego
    D.) All of the above

    Botsford’s previous district is hammering what she left in her wake. They are in the process of ejecting her garbage. We are too!

  10. If we can reject Regina (t-shirt slogan?) enough perhaps we can jettison her as an employee. She’s the last peg in the puzzle. Once she’s gone we move on to Nancy Schultz. Then our mission will almost be complete. We will then return true academia to Ridgewood. Our kids will thank us in the long run.

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