Layoffs Expected At Village Hall

In Uncategorized on December 4, 2008 at 11:49 am

During Wednesday evening’s Village Council Work Session, it was revealed by Village Manager James Ten Hoeve that revenues associated with building applications and permits fees are $150K below what was budgeted earlier this year.

This unanticipated revenue shortfall, along with unexpected expenses in other Village departments, will most likely result in layoffs within the building/code enforcement department.

Ten Hoeve gave no indication of when the layoffs might be announced.

Hot Offers (11.30 - 12.6)

  1. Great, let’s toss out Merlino as soon as possible.

  2. Why’s there no info about this serious accident? Village cover-up?

  3. back to midland park.huh.put him on a garbage truck.they would like the help.

  4. you better put a cap on the police dept,look what they make what is going to happen in 5,years they will take all the money.this must stop now.

  5. Exactly 10:02.. Laying off workers that are not making large salaries is pretty much pointless. These are the people who do the work. They need to trim off the top.

  6. Exactly 10:02 and 10:14 — we need to start the cuts at the top and we’ll lose less people, but more salary — and definitely more fat!!!

  7. we dont need cops makeing over a hundred grand come on.this is not the city

  8. the cops in the city make peanuts compared to the burbs. check it out.

  9. The salaries made by most of the cops are at the lower end of what most Village residents are making. In many cases the far lower end. With the money I see wasted on things like bathrooms and parking garage projtects I see plenty of other areas that should be cut long before we get to cops and firemen.
    In one post I read that posters want more traffic enforcement and here I read posters want to lay off cops. Talk about mixed signals.
    I would like to see a few of our town leaders “laid off” first.

  10. Has the building drpartment been automated yet? You wouldn’t need so many people if there was a method to their madness.

  11. Keep the workers and fire all the managers. Does this Ten Hoeve person have a job for life?

  12. All future employees should receive no pensions. Pay them handsomely but no pensions. I don’t have one. Do you? Like most towns around here we should get rid of the paid fire department. And what does that animal control officer do anyway? BOE doles out our money in wasteful ways. Some salaries are ridiculously high. Some “higher ups” positions can clearly be eliminated. Have a third party examine our budget. Get the hospital to pay some towards our taxes. Don’t pay the Superintendent of schools anything near what he gets currently. Any questions?

  13. 10:51, leave the animal control officer out of this. he does a great job answering complaints and is one of the best examples of an employee who does what his is supposed to. And he also performs a SECOND job at NO EXTRA PAY which is respond to code complaints about properties such as overgrown lawns and other ordinance violations. He does TWO JOBS for the price of one. So leave him out of your rant. Your other points make sense.

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