there was literally nothing that an ordinary Ridgewood resident could do to peek behind the curtain

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Halfway through reading the brilliant article associated with the following link, I began imagining that its author would be very impressed with your free speech efforts in Ridgewood generally, and the impact and effectiveness of this blog in particular.


Before you managed to kick into high gear the process of subjecting elected public officials and other local public employees of importance to your particular brand of scrutiny and accountability, there was literally nothing that an ordinary Ridgewood resident could do to peek behind the curtain and get some sense of what was really going on in town with the ‘powers that be’.

The fact that things are different now is a result rightly to be cheered. Some who are new to this format may get squeamish, or hung up on the notion (quite overblown, IMHO) that there is an overall or prevailing ‘air of negativity’, but for every one of these people who successfully resolve never to visit this blog again for that reason, there has to be nine or ten who break that pledge in time and are drawn right back in.

Let’s face it–for the time being at least, you are the only game in town. If they don’t like your style or that of your regular commenters, they can start their own blog for heaven’s sake. (Let’s just hope that at least some of them have the guts to put a face behind the blog like you do, rather than offering up some goofball image of anonymity like someone wearing a paper sack on their head with holes cut out to see through, reminiscent of the possibly late, and certainly unlamented, “Unknown Comic.”)

Anyway, in this high political season I just wanted to wish continued good luck to you. Please keep up the great work that you are doing, and we will all keep reading and chiming in like usual.


  1. Yes PJ, you are my hero too. Your blog has managed to capture the attention of our pols and bureaucrats.

    They read it regularly. And why not, it is usually about them and their blunders as officials charged with carrying out the task of governance or education.

    It gives voice to citizens who would otherwise be pilloried at the alter of the vindictive nature of our single party town.

    And the best thing about your blog is that it usually scoops The Ridgewood News and reports what its editor would never have the nerve to publish.

  2. Yes, agreed, we need more public discussion. Don’t always agree with everything that’s said, but this site has wrought the airing of a lot of citizens’ views along with changes in the way the Village operates.

    Is there any need to read the Ridgewood News any more? You don’t get coupons, so what is its value?

  3. The Ridgewood News serves as a government employee protection program. Finally, the public has a way to get information and opinion that is otherwise stifled out.

    Thanks PJ.

  4. The sports section!

  5. “A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” — James Madison

    “We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” — Thomas Jefferson

  6. Let’s stop blowing smoke PJ’s way for a minute. There was never anything stopping any of you from understanding what was going on in this Village. It just required that you get off your ass and attend a few meetings or become involved. For better or worse, the blog has made it possible for all the “armchair critics” in town to spout off anonymously from the comfort of their living room, without every getting personally involved.

  7. 10:12 “the blog has made it possible for all the “armchair critics” in town to spout off…”

    And that really bothers you doesn’t it? Free speech. Glad I don’t live under your reign.

    Well, I think it is a good and healthy thing. Similar to the day when we had pamphleteers.

    The critics, in most cases on this blog, are correct. That is what really gets your goat isn’t it?

  8. Bring back the Fairness Act!

  9. 10:12 — you obviously have never been to a Village council meeting and watched the members proceed to stupid vote after stupid vote disregarding what any one has to say. You are right, people need to get involved. Letters to editors and blogs entries are ways to do so. Blog writing doesn’t substitute for personal involvement, but it does not preclude it either.

  10. The critics, in most cases on this blog, are correct.

    They are correct in their own minds.

    Problem is, the other 98% of the Village thinks their incorrect.

  11. Re: “Problem is, the other 98% of the Village thinks their incorrect.”

    …thinks their incorrect “what”?

    Please finish your sentences.

  12. 9:35,

    One expects that you did a poll to arrive at your conclusion of 98% support for all things

    Oh, yea, that’s why we have cameras in the village. The critics were wrong.

    And the reason we are changing our math is because the BOE and Regina were right?

    Let’s see, the parking lot at Upper Citizens is off the table because, remind me again.

    And Valley, that has been decided… the critics are wrong and don’t have a point.

    You Sir, are a big dope. And for the record, it is “they’re,” not “their,” when writing the abbreviation for “they are.”

    One only hopes that you did not graduate from the Ridgewood Public School system.

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