BREAKING : Two Pedestrians Struck by Same Auto on East Ridgewood Ave and Oak street

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2008 at 9:58 pm

At approximately 2:55 PM this afternoon, two pedestrians crossing East Ridgewood Avenue at Oak Street were struck by the same automobile. Both pedestrians were reportedly in the crosswalk when they were hit.

The victims were transported by separate ambulances to Hackensack Medical Center. The extent of their injuries is unknown at this time.

Ridgewood police, fire, and EMS units responded immediately to the scene. An ambulance from Glen Rock also assisted.

Members of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department Bureau of Criminal Investigation were observed processing evidence at the accident site.

Further updates will follow shortly

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  1. It shows how much a stop light is needed it there

  2. It shows how much people need to pay attention while driving.

  3. i agree!!

  4. sure lets put a light on every corner…but…ppl run red lites so better make it an overpass

  5. Another situation where a pedestrian (2) is struck by a car, like what happened over by Whole Foods when the stoller was hit. Drivers have to start watching where they are going.

  6. Although a stop light may seem like a good idea, it would however cause massive traffic problems throughout the entire CBD.

  7. I hope they are OK. But, I guarantee you that they walked right into the street without looking, just like most people in town do. Although the law requires cars to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk, the laws of physics can’t be changed (no matter how entitled someone thinks they are). A car that is traveling 25MPH will take approximately 40 feet to come to an emergency stop. Pedestrians have the responsibility to stop and look to see if a car is approaching BEFORE they enter the crosswalk.

  8. When are the knuckleheads going to come out and blame the pedestrians for the accident? Or are they too busy preparing sermons to read this blog?

  9. I absolutely agree with 10:05, we always watch for pedestrians crossing and it’s amazing how arrogant they are when stepping into the cross walk. We believe they have some responsibility too. It will be interesting to understand where exactly in the crosswalk they were hit. first 10 feet, in the middle, or were they almost across. This will give some indication whose fault is was. Looking at the pictures, it appears they were near the curb, just stepping off the curb would indicate to me they werent watching or if close to getting off the curb would tell me it’s more the cars fault.
    just a thought…..and no light

  10. Pedestrians have right of way no matter what. Car drivers in Ridgewood are notorious for not stopping for pedestrians in the crosswalk.

  11. I bet the driver will again contest the accident and the poor victims will end up paying the brunt of the medical bills.

    Did you know that the pedestrian has to put the claim for insurance on their car insurance, even though their car was not involved. If they don’t have car insurance it has to go through a government agency?

  12. These poor victims are in the hospital, we do not even know what condition they are in, possibly someone has died….AND SOME PEOPLE HAVE THE UNMITIGATED GALL TO BLAME THE VICTIMS?????? It is a driver’s responsibility to creep up a crowded street where pedestrians are crossing. It is not a sin for pedestrians to CROSS IN THE CROSSWALK. They were not jaywalking.

    Sounds like these postings were written by that WRECK OF A RECTOR who hit the kid in the stroller and then claimed it was not her fault.

  13. Yes, there is a responsibility for pedestrians to look both ways before proceeding into the cross walk. Just as drivers have to pay attention to the road, not be on their cell phones and abide by laws….pedestrians must also abide by laws and logic. Stop and look both ways, don’t just enter into the cross walk while yapping on your cell phone without looking, assuming that people see you and that people will slam on their brakes when they are appoaching….

    It is a street….pedestrians have a responsibility, just as the drivers do…..

  14. The Record has an article and photo on their website with minimal information but no article in the paper today. I have not seen who was hit, who was driving, the status of the victims, no news that I have seen. I think that one might have been serious because the road was closed for a couple of hours.

  15. It's not the fault of the pedestrians or the driver.

    It's the fault of Regina Botsford & the puppets she controls on the BOE.


  16. Since i work in the downtown area and cross Ridgewood avenue numerous times a day, i can say that we have an assortment of problems with crossing in crosswalks. First some cars speed down Ridgewood Avenue. Especially between maple and broad where pedestians are most prevelant. I’ve seen cars traveling in excess of 40mph which is way too fast. Police enforcement for speeders is needed on Ridgewood ave. Secondly, drivers are distracted, mostly by cell phones, or just not paying attention. Drivers also fail to yield for pedestians. Again police enforcement is needed. And lastly, pedestrians assume they can cross without looking. A fatal mistake.

  17. From 9:09’s post, it looks like Charlie is back. We missed your inane posts and I guess you miss interacting with people since no one visits your blog.

  18. Is there a coverup here? No names. Why not?

  19. Your obsession will consume you. how sad.

  20. 8:29 Sweetie, you should space out your posts, over time, so you’re not quite so obvious.

  21. I wish a speedy recovery to the victims of the most recent accident. We ALL need to be more attentive – drivers and pedestrians alike!
    With that said I would like to post a personal observation:
    An assoicate of mine recently set up a small office in down town Glen Rock. I have recently spent more time there (actualy prior to this I seldom when there)and noticed crossing the street is a lot eaiser. I understand the down town area is smaller, however, there is still a fair amount of traffic.
    Has it just been my luck that motorists seem more willing to yeild to me in the crosswalk? Is the area better designed? Do their police do a more aggressive job of enforcement?

  22. Let me ask you something 9:10. Do you have some type of radar gun in you place of business that nobody knows about? How in the world do you know that cars travel down ERA in excess of 40MPH. Were you trained at the NJ State Police Academy in determining the speed of a vehicle just by looking at it? It’s comments like that which add nothing to the topic. Unless you have some type of training to back up your statement..keep quiet!!!!

  23. Either the driver or the pedestrian could have been the victim.
    I have often had pedestrians walk right out in front of me in that same spot as I was driving up E Ridgewood Ave. When you first see them they are 15-20 feet down the sidewalk and most drivers would assume they would either turn the corner or at least PAUSE at the crosswalk, which they often do not. This makes for an abrupt stop even at 20 mph.
    On the other hand, as a daily pedestrian myself in town, I often wait at the curb for while several cars pass with the drivers often on cell phones.
    Maybe it’s time for the police to put a cop in civilian clothes on the corner crosswalks and pull over the cell users instead of parking tickets.

  24. Very few people in Ridgewood drive at the speed limit. When you do the cars behind you tailgate and get aggresssive.
    It is easy to see the difference in speed between those going the labelled 25mph and those not.

  25. Yep, 11:29 forgot to take his metamucil. Of course 9:11 can tell if someone is driving around 40 mph — anyone who has driven can.

  26. 11:55
    Good idea, how about a Spotter by the PO and pull the offender over by posting a uniformed officer at Oak and pull the offender over by directing them to the bus terminal with other officers issuing tickets.
    Its a good guess without a radar gun. Why do always try to pick on people’s comments?

  27. I agree with 8:29. Why are the victims being blamed for anything? Ridgewood Avenue is a busy street with many pedestrians. A driver should go very slowly, watching in all directions, because pedestrians could come across at any time. In this case the pedestrians were in a designated crosswalk and it was broad daylight. Unless the two people catapaulted into the crosswalk, the driver should have been going slowly enough to stop for them. 25 mph is too fast for a car to be going in those few congested blocks. Much, much slower is more appropriate. I am amazed that anyone is upset with the pedestrians who were doing what pedestrians are supposed to do – crossing in the clearly marked, designated crosswalk. I pray they are ok.

  28. I heard it was a Priest and her attorney who were both in town for lunch that were hit – it was rumored that they were hit by a stroller that was traveling at 25 MPH. Revenge!

  29. I heard the same thing….I also heard that the baby driving the stroller was on his cell phone talking to Ernie and Bert

  30. 11:55 – I hope you are okay when those pedestrians hit your car. It is such a shame that you have to endure such tragedies in your life. What has become of this world when drivers can’t freely roam the streets without having to worry about being blindsided from pedestrians?

  31. Why were the victims transported to Hackensack when Valley is closer?

  32. You guys have way to much time on your hands. This could have been you or a member of your own family -see who is laughing then. Lets hope the driver and the pedestrians are all ok. The car can be replsced the individual person cannot.

  33. It is truly sad that people are making fun of two terrible accidents. All focus should be on the injured victims, the not-so-injured victims, and the drivers, who are surely distraught. I would be horrified if one of the victims or their family members read these postings where they are somehow being blamed. I would be equally horrified if one of the drivers read these postings and thought for one minute that people perceived that they were not remorseful. What is this world coming to? It is sickening. This is not a joke. These are two accidents, one evidently worse than the other, but both have left many of us shaken and upset. Why the Bert and Ernie jokes? Can anyone explain such bizarre postings?

  34. 4:26 – You can’t have a single patient room at Valley so you can’t get the best available care.

  35. How does Valley Hospital get dragged into this- They give excellent care. If the patients were taken to Hackensack it is because they are a trauma hospital.

    Private rooms are available at Valley having been a patient there I know. You may still pay alittle extra for the privacy but well worth it. Reads to me as someone trying to stir up trouble .

  36. 5:32 You are so earnest. Unfortunately, in the blogosphere, people with serious personality disorders are free to disseminate rumor, innuendo, and outright lies to further their delusional world view.
    They are seething, and sad.

  37. Hey guys, any news on who was driving or the condition of the victims? I’m really hoping we don’t have a media cover-up here.

  38. 4:26 ~
    Because Hackensack is, by far, a better hospital!

  39. 7:57 – So you have to pay extra to get the best available care at Valley?

  40. 5:52 – So I guess this includes you, too.

  41. I guess 11:23 hasn’t been driving too long. As i’ve been driving over 40 years i can certainly estimate someone going 40mph rather then 25…

  42. 8:54 – Sounds like a hot button of yours was pushed. Are you seething and sad?

  43. 15-20 mph is appropriate for a maximum when pedestrian crossings are likely. any higher is reckless.

  44. 8:38 Just a therapist with too much time on his hands. Sorry, business is slow these days.

    FYI:”…lying is the most common complaint about narcissists and in many instances, defects of empathy lead narcissists to wildly inaccurate misinterpretations of other people’s speech and actions, so that they may believe that they are liked and respected despite a history of callous and exploitative personal interactions.” DSM IV

  45. You people are rebarbative. The women who were hit were 86 and 90 years old. One, still hospitalized. Apparently their advanced age makes them less worthy of our sympathy. You are pathetic!

  46. Whether it is these two elderly women or the baby from two weeks ago or the young man who was killed on Maple avenue in May, it does not matter about the age. A human body does not stand a chance against a car. Every pedestrian is responsible….but every driver is MORE RESPONSIBLE. In all three cases the victims were in a designated crosswalk. In all three cases the drivers were given a ticket for failure to yield. That is a MINIMAL consequence for frightening, injuring, or killing a human being.

  47. I just wanted to voice my support for the driver, Natalie Lebnikoff, a fellow artist and good person.

  48. Valley Hospital does not have a trauma unit in their ER. And this case was clearly trauma which is why they were taken to Hackensack…they have a trauma unit. Regardless of who is at fault, I think the main priority at the moment is to hope that the 2 pedestrians pull through with minimal injuries. The negativity that adults put out in this day and age is appalling. Perhaps that’s why this generation of children feel so entitled to everything. Food for thought.

  49. I think it goes without saying in a situation like this that the driver will invariably state that the pedestrian stepped in front of the car. No driver is going to say that they aimed for the pedestrian, or that they saw the pedestrian but did not slow down, or anything else along those lines. The driver will think that the person “came out of nowhere” because the driver did not see the person (for whatever reason, cell phone, momentary inattention, etc.). This does not mean that the pedestrian was at fault, simply that the driver did not see the person until the impact happened.

  50. She is also a terrible driver. Stay out of Ridgewood.

  51. 4:26 – H-sack is the area hospital for trauma.

  52. Re: “How does Valley Hospital get dragged into this- They give excellent care.”

    Fixed that fer ya…

    “How does Valley Hospital get dragged into this- They give excellent post-natal care.”

  53. The poor woman has a compound fracture of her leg. That is a serious injury! Especially at 86.

  54. Why can’t anyone take responsibility for their actions? The point is not whether a driver is a nice person. Personality cannot be legislated. The point is whether the driver failed to yield to the pedestrians. In both of these recent accidents the drivers failed to yield. Case closed.

  55. I’ve lived in town almost a year and have almost been hit twice while crossing Ridgewood Ave. Both times I was in the middle of the crosswalk- I didn’t just step into the street without looking. Once my kids were with me and I had to push them out of the way. I now try to avoid shopping in downtown because I don’t feel safe crossing the street- how sad. Why isn’t there more attention given to this issue since there has been a pedestrian death?

  56. yesterday driving thru town some dumb ass woman jumped in front of my car @ the post office crosswalk.. I was doing 15mph and would have been unable to stop if she didnt hesitate… dopey pedestrians should understand drivers cant see thru the parked SUV’s that these aggressive pedestrians jump out from behind

  57. In case you are not geriatric experts, 86 and 90 year olds do not “jump into crosswalks.” They look both ways because they were brought up to look left first, then right, then left again, and only to cross if clear, remember?
    They were taken to HUMC because their injuries were/are life threatening. One is still hospitalized. If this was your mother, you would realize their lives are changed forever.

  58. “Jumped into the cross walk?”

    The victims might look like they are close to the curb. Of course, that’s only because they were thrown through the air by the car.

    There was apparently another car at the intersection, in the far lane, which had the mind to stop. Clearly, they didn’t just ‘jump off the curb’.

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