BREAKING NEWS:Hi, Just got detoured in town. Ridgewood Ave @ Oak is ‘taped off ‘ with the yellow crime scene tape, a car is within it, and a towel or

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Just got detoured in town. Ridgewood Ave @ Oak is ‘taped off ‘ with the yellow crime scene tape, a car is within it, and a towel or blanket on the road, along with a few RPD cars, but significantly the Prosecuters office has 2 ‘FAIU” trucks…which I would interpret to be ‘fatal accident investigation unit’. Cops taking pictures etc..see what your sources have to say… then I saw oak by the YMCA all full of fire trucks/ambulances..must be something else…busy day in town i guess.

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  1. FAIU is Bergen County’s Fatal Accident Investigation Unit. It is called in to reconstruct events leading to traffic fatalities.

    My thoughts and prayers to those injured and/or killed and their families.

  2. NObody was Killed…Before that rumor starts floating around…there were NO deaths involved.

  3. Thank God nobody died. Now let’s just pray for the families and for the driver, too. And let’s pray that the driver does not start proclaiming that it was the pedestrians’ fault, a la the stoller incident a couple of weeks ago.

  4. if nobody was killed why is the “FATAL” accident investigation unit involved? are the injuries that serious that survival may be in doubt?

  5. Why is there no information about this serious accident?

  6. Who do you suppose was driving the late model Toyota?

  7. The Fatal Team responds to accidents where there is a serious injury and/or death involved. There job is to come out and reconstruct the accident for investigation purposes. Both victims were transported to Hackensack with serious injuries however, not life threatening. The reason there is no information about this accident is simply because it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet and the investigation is still pending. There are really no other details that anyone needs to know about. You won’t be given patient information nor will you be given details on their injuries. The fact is two pedestrians were struck by the same vehicle. As soon as the investigation is complete, I am sure more details regarding what exactly happened will be released.

  8. this is just evidence that people in ridgewood need to not bolt out into the streets

  9. Sounds like someone’s covering for someone.

  10. Anon 3:54,

    Nooooo, this is just evidence that people driving (in Ridgewood, New Milford, Union County, Ohio, everywhere) need to put down the damn phone, coffee, Ipod, makeup & Blackberry, slow down, come to FULL stops at intersections, and pay attention!
    Pedestrians have the right of way. PERIOD.


  11. 9:19

    “Pedestrians have the right of way. PERIOD.”

    Your’s is just the mentality that gets people hurt.

    People need to pay attention before stepping off the curb and make sure that cars AND TRUCKS have enough room to stop, before proceeding.
    The photos provided in this blog show that the two people were struck just after stepping off the curb. NOT halfway across.
    You still need to teach your kids to look both ways before crossing.

    DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES AND HOPE FOR THE BEST just because you have the right of way.
    You’ll get killed or injured.

  12. Agreed. Man versus car, the man always loses. The car must be more cautious.

  13. 9:46 – The personnel are right in the middle of the westbound lane, which proves nothing. That is certainly further into the street then a few steps. The car, however, could have knocked them into this position. You should base your assumptions on facts and not ignorance.

  14. The pedestrians may have been just about to finish crossing rather than just starting out.

  15. 11:19
    Here we go again. What are the facts?

    1:00 TRUE.

    9:46 Last statement is also true.

    Let’s let our kids just run into the streets at the crosswalks and watch all the cars stop in time.

  16. It’s all about the kids, isn’t it. The women who were hit, in this case, were VERY elderly. I guess that doesn’t count in this town. They weren’t kids. In my book, people who have lived 90 years, are precious.

  17. I agree, the two elderly women are as precious as the young baby who was hit.

  18. 3:16
    And slow thinkers too.
    It’s not all about kids but if you can’t relate the example there is something wrong with your processing.

    Anyway let’s try this example that you maybe able to relate to.
    Why don’t we let the population of Van Dykes go to the center and watch all the cars stop in time when they cross in the cross walks.

    The point is, you still need to be aware of your surroundings before stepping off the curb YOUNG and OLD.

    But YOU should try stepping into a crosswalk with a bus coming and see just how quickly the bus can stop. You do have the right of way so you won’t have to worry about getting hit.
    Better yet put a blindfold on before stepping into a crosswalk.
    Try it. Step into the crosswalk without looking.
    Just a suggestion.

  19. A compound fracture IS life threatening in an 86 year old.

  20. The woman driving the car was 61 so chances are she wasn’t on her cellphone, checking her emails or sending a text…chances are she was just driving too damned fast. Where were the police? They are parked at that intersection almost all day can’t they do ANYTHING about people speeding up Ridgewood Avenue and not paying attention to pedestrians in the crosswalk. Years ago, a cop used to be stationed in the middle of that intersection to direct traffic…wonder if there’s a reason they don’t get out of their car and do that anymore.

  21. You just keep right on steping into the street and trusting the cars to stop.

    You will be feeling very smug when you are dead.

  22. a hang nail is life threatening for an 86 year old

  23. So..this is the fault of the Police?

  24. People blame the police and B of E for everything.

    Driving in downtown Ridgewood is stressful. People walk down the street and without breaking stride they turn and enter the intersection. It is like playing “Simpson’s Road Rage” trying to avoid the walkers.

    I tell my children to stop and look at all times – even when they have the light. People make a right on red as if they have the right of way. I do not trust the drivers who pass through this town to do the speed limit and watch for pedestrians.

  25. 8:03 agreed. Such little regard for our elders, in terms of public interest, is appalling.

  26. More ticketing by the cops in the business area might deter some people from using their cell phones and from failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

  27. or at least use that roadside electronic billboard to warn of crosswalk/speed/cellphone enforcement. might fool some folks into compliance

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