Resident Brings Cable Vision Issue to the Attention of the Village Council

In Uncategorized on November 24, 2008 at 1:17 pm

“please let the record show that Boyd Loving caught this and brought it to the council’s attention. not the first nor the last time, i’m sure … but credit where credit is due, and this is his latest coup” … annie (Anne Zusy VC )

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  1. I sent a letter to JTH on 10/2/08 – here it is:

    “I am writing to ask about an agreement, if any, between the Village of Ridgewood and Cablevision that requires Cablevision to provide the ‘public access’ channels (specifically Ch. 76, Ch. 77, Ch. 78) to Ridgewood residents.. I seem to remember from years ago while watching a council meeting (on Ch. 77) hearing something along the lines that Cablevision provides this service in exchange for having a ‘monopoly’ on the cable television service in Ridgewood.

    I ask this because as of September 16, 2008, these channels are no longer available to non-digital Cablevision customers. One free cable box will be provided so the public access channels can be viewed, but customers would need a cable box for each television in the house.

    To me this sounds like Cablevision is trying to force customers to upgrade to the more expensive Optimum digital cable service. Many other channels were switched to ‘digital only’ in the spring. But taking away the public access channels just seems wrong to me. I watched Council and Board of Education meetings on a fairly regularl basis, it helped me feel more connected to what was going on. It upsets me that Cablevision made this change.”

    Can I get Annie to include my name in “the record”??

  2. the final straw for me.

    i am cancelling cablevision, geting an antenna (for over the air hi-def) + internet based hi-def streaming services (huku, etc…)

    no cable box (of any type) for me…

  3. I love Boyd Loving. Yes We Can. Yes HE did!

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