Ridgewood Junior Football Wins 6th Grade Super Bowl

In Uncategorized on November 23, 2008 at 6:08 pm

Ridgewood junior football league sends Jets A1 team (6th grade) to Super Bowl and come out on top. They played a barn burner in frigid temps last night in Franklin Lakes against Pequannock. Ever determined, they didnt lose their composure when scored upon early in the game, they came back to win 21-12. This is a first for the village, in this age group. Kudos to Coach Tarleton (a village native) and his fine staff of coaches, for providing quiet and good-tempered guidance and kind leadership, as well as developing the boys skills. This team has played cohesively all season, often turning it on in the 2nd half. Congratulations to all parents, coaches and players!

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  1. good job they must have frozen their little buts off

  2. yeah! the moms and dads too! Once the adrenaline kicked in, that was all she wrote!

  3. Yeah but why weren’t the kids home studying math…?

  4. 8:07, you are a true wise guy/gal. Thirty lashes with a wet noodle for you, then you can rejoin the class.

  5. 8:07– actually it was a real life application of skills; knowing your multiples of 6 or 7 (if you get the PAT!) 😉

  6. The HS program has been weakened. Parents fight for control of the junior teams trying to ensure that their kids play. The feeder program does not send up the best, just the players with the most agressive parents (dads).

  7. Ya think? We havent seen any of that, 7:19. Players are placed thoughtfully (cannot speak for 7th and 8th grade) and they play and learn a ton! The high school is going to get a great group of kids with this bunch.

  8. Who runs a the The Wing T anymore?

    Can any one say that maybe, just maybe, we should run another offense too.

    Watching the Livingston game and how we were stopped time and time again trying to run up the middle, was frustrating.

  9. The Wing T didn’t fool Livingston now did it? They didn’t have any problem locating the ball.

  10. Supposedly the Wing T has seen its day. Why doesnt anyone bring this up to Chujo????? Or have they tried and been shot down? The boys know that it is passe. Its a joke.

  11. Chujo tried to coax a mom into getting her concussed son back onto to the field before the Livingston game…

  12. What type of offense would you prefer to run at the high school? The spread? That seems to be en vogue these days, but Ridgeood doesn’t have the athletes to pull it off. It is great that the 6th graders can beat Pequannock, but last I checked, the high school plays in the NNJIL, one of the toughest leagues in the northeast. Pquannock High School is a tiny Group 2 school that finished 2-8 this year.

    I have a running list of things that I wish Chuck Johnson would change, but I wholeheartedly feel that he gets as much out of his kids as anyone could. His teams have finished 50-16 over the past 6 years, including a win over Bergen Catholic the year that Bergen won the state championship. If you take out losses against the parochials, he is 50-10 during that time….with regular victories over Paramus Catholic.

    Sometimes people get excited and expect bigger things of the high school team when they hear that one of the youth teams wins the Super Bowl. What they don’t realize is that a 6th grade super bowl team is nice, but not necessarily a predictor of success at the high school level. Look at the current junior class. I believe they won the super bowl in both 7th and 8th grade. However, at second glance, you see that they beat Upper Saddle River for the championship in 8th grade, which feeds into Northern Highlands (far from a football powerhouse). In the semifinals, I believe they defeated Ramsey, which is once again not a powerhouse.

    If there is one thing that I am sure of, Chuck Johnson is a good football coach. I also think the wing T is well-suited for a town like Ridgewood. Chuck beats teams with considerably (and I mean CONSIDERABLY) better athletes through discipline, intelligence, and good coaching.

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