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Ridgewood Water found elevated levels of lead in drinking water in some homes/buildings in our community. Lead can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women and children 6 years and younger. Please read the following notice Information about Lead in Drinking Water Click Here to see what you can do to reduce lead in your drinking water and to learn what Ridgewood Water is doing to address this problem.

Call us at 201-670-5520 for more information.


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  1. warnings the last couple of years have been ignorned by the village

  2. Lead is only part of the problem. Prescription drugs have found their way into our tap water as well. People empty vials of expired or unwanted drugs into their toilets. They ingest it and pee, etc. into the toilets. This stuff is toxic and makes its way into our drinking water.

    Kids should only be drinking bottled water. And be careful about that too. Find a trusted brand before assuming 100% safety. And, please, put a filter on your faucet.

    I want our kids to all grow up to be healthy and smart math majors!

  3. Kids should only be drinking bottled water.

    Back into the basement with you… it’s too dangerous up here.

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