Its not Bashing the FACTS are the FACTS this State is in Big Trouble

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Reader asks …
“PJ, why do you only allow posts from one side of this issue? Don’t be a wuss. Some of us love NJ & are sick of all this NJ-bashing! “

We respond …
Lets face it our state now falls near the bottom of the list in almost every measure one can use too gauge business climate .The fact is that people and business’s are fleeing the state in mass and New Jersey is also codependent on the huge tax revenues generated by the Financial Service Industry which may no longer be counted on . I for one think blogs like this have been far to kind to this state with its rampant corruption, over spending and complete lack of accountability!

thanks ,


PS any facts you would like to post I gladly publish them

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  1. PS any facts you would like to post I gladly publish them

    How about the FACT that NJ is consistently ranked near the top among the Best Educated States in the Country.

    No doubt, we've achieved this distinction through the hard work of the NJ teachers union & our elected state government officials.


  2. "No doubt, we've achieved this distinction through the hard work of the NJ teachers union & our elected state government officials.


    You make us laugh. Please stop, my sides are splitting.

  3. 1:07
    You really don’t know that this “best educated…” stuff is said because NJ, alone among all other states in the union, gives graduation diplomas and counts as having “graduated” students who fail the 8th grade test at least 3 times.

    3 times!

    Yes, we do have our unionized teachers to thank for that.

  4. 2:53 – Do you have any data to back your claim up?

    How about this study, which shows that New Jersey is one of the wealthiest states in the nation!

    Our people are highly skilled & highly educated — that's why we get paid so much & our standing of living is so high.

    And that's why all this anti-NJ bashing is just pathetic.

  5. Hate to clue you in but the people being counted in this survey weren’t educated in New Jersey. They only live here because of the job opportunities in New York City and Philadelphia.

  6. It’s easy to be blissfully unaware of the condition of this State. Many people here are commuters, and their lifetsyles are probably still unaffected by the economic turmoil. So, it’s easy to see how many people here can be going about their lives, thinking that their leafy, idylic lane in Ridgewood is indicative of what a great State NJ is.

  7. America’s Most Polluted Cities Revealed
    New York, N.Y.-Newark, N.J. ranked as the eighth most polluted city by ozone.


  8. Newark and Camden are two of the poorest cities in America

  9. As of 2006, New Jersey is the eleventh-most populous state, but the most densely populated, at 1,174 residents per square mile.

    New Jersey is also the most densely populated state in the nation, and the only state that has had every one of its counties deemed “urban” as defined by the Census Bureau’s Combined Statistical Area.

  10. New Jersey faces a deficit that could be as large as 3 billion for the fiscal year that starts July 1, 2008.

    New Jersey has the highest imbalance of any state in the United States between what it gives to the federal government and what it receives. In fiscal year 2005, New Jersey taxpayers gave the federal government $77 billion dollars but only received $55 billion dollars back. This difference is higher than any other state and means that for every $1.00 New Jersey taxpayers send to Washington, the state only receives $0.61 dollars back. This calculation is applied correctly after making the federal government deficit neutral as sometimes the federal government spends more than it takes in.

    As a result, New Jersey runs into deficits frequently and has one of the highest tax burdens in the nation

  11. I like this “Fact Based” thread. More informed and less name calling.

  12. thanks 841. Now if the voters were smart enough to toss our do-nothing 2 democratic senators in Washington, we might get some $$ back…but I doubt that will happen anytime soon so get ready to dig deeper into your pockets to fund this mis-managed state. I think NJ is great..its the entrenched long time politicians..mostly democrats..who we SHOULD be bashing until they change (doubtful) or get voted out.

  13. “2:53 – Do you have any data to back your claim up?”

    Of course I do, 4:15 PM. Ever heard of the SRA. That is the special review assessment a test for faux graduates that is used by the state when students cannot pass the HSPA. This SRA, which tests 8th grade skills or lower, is given to these students. They get 3 chances at the test. Even if they fail, they get a regular diploma because they tried to take the test 3 times.

    This is just a fact. How come you have so many opinions, but don’t seem to have any knowledge of this long ongoing practice?

    Also, 90% of students in NJ state colleges need remediation. Did you know this as well?

  14. I have just one question for the NJ-bashers: if you think NJ is so bad, then why do you live here?

    It’s like listening to people in this country trash America. If it’s so awful, then they should move to a country that is more their liking.

  15. 940 when you cant use fact name call lol …people are here because it USED TO BE A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE ….now after whitman,mccreepy and the goldman jerk its a shit hole and a dump and yes i and 50,000 other people along with perhaps some drug companies will be moving out and leaving you with the bill for all this stupid shit whitch you deserve C YA SUCKER

  16. 841 they are now talking 5 billion on the new jersey deficit

  17. 10:04 – I get out plenty, I travel all over this country & all over the world — and I still come back here because I love the USA, love NJ & love Ridgewood.

    It's too bad that all of you nattering nabobs of negativism can't support the "home team" better!

  18. 7:45 AM,

    Now that you’ve had your Kumbaya moment, get off the blog you big dope.

  19. Re: “It’s like listening to people in this country trash America. If it’s so awful, then they should move to a country that is more their liking.”

    You mean like the Liberal Socialists who put Obama in the White House?

    Yeah… I’d like to see them leave too.

  20. Re: I don’t know who 10:02AM is, but I am kind of glad to hear that he/she will be moving away.

    Yeah, now if we can only get you to move away too.

  21. re: “It’s too bad that all of you nattering nabobs of negativism can’t support the “home team” better!”

    Isn’t it ironic that the original people to whom “nattering nabobs of negativism” was directed are the first to reuse it. Well, it’s not surprising given that they can never really come up with any original thoughts or ideas worth a damn.

    Well, I guess they are good at recycling… I’ll give ’em that.

  22. 1:15 PM

    Are you afraid of learning something – or worse finding out that you have something in common with those you disparage? Without the insults this thread was one of the best in a long time.

  23. I like it here and I am staying. It is a wonderful life.

    If I were as miserable as some bloggers seem to be, then I would move.

  24. Ridgewood is a nice place to live. Hard to believe that anyone is really thrilled with the State of NJ though. It has a very long history of pollution and corruption and pretty much owes whatever it has to the fact it is a corridor between Philly and NYC.

    Aside from some areas of the shore, the rural western counties, and some nice communities in northern NJ (like Ridgewood) this is a pretty “sorry state”.

  25. 1:33 – I'm glad you accepted the term "nattering nabob of negativism" as a proper description of your worldview. People would be much happier if they accepted who they really are.

    Personally, I've never felt that way. I was just a kid when Vice President Agnew uttered those immortal words, and only in hindsight do I see his wisdom.

    USA: love it or leave it!

    same goes for NJ & Ridgewood!!

  26. Isn’t “Kumbaya” spelt with a “c?”

  27. 3:06 –

    “nattering nabob”… so far that seems to be a good description of you.

    If you love Ridgewood so much then why are you so happy with its slide into mediocrity?

    …and we don’t have time to wait 40 years for you to see the wisdom of my words.

    Unlike you, I always knew Agnew was a great man even as a child.

  28. Isn’t “Kumbaya” spelt with a “c?”

    Well, up here in North America we spell it with a “K”.

  29. “Isn’t “Kumbaya” spelt with a “c?”
    5:33 PM


  30. Isn’t “Kumbaya” spelt with a “c?”

    only in the porn version 😉

  31. I always knew Agnew was a great man even as a child

    That explains a lot…


    “The allegations were retailed to his old enemies in the press, and after first trying to stop the leaks, Agnew capitulated. In October 1973 he made a deal with the prosecutors: he pleaded no contest to one count of income-tax evasion and resigned his office–the first Vice President ever to be forced from office for legal reasons. The government agreed not to pursue Agnew further. But in a Maryland taxpayers’ suit, a civil court found in 1981 that Agnew had solicited $147,500 in bribes as Baltimore county executive and as Governor–and that he had accepted the final $17,500 in cash when he was Vice President.”

  32. New Jersey wouldn’t be worth a damn were it not for NYC and Philly. Last I checked taxes were pretty high in these cities and they seem to be doing fine.

    Maybe NJ business owners ought to take responsibility for their own failures instead of blaming the government.

  33. 311 when was the last time you checked ? 1996? NYC is have a financial crisis due to the wall street mess and philly is close to becomeing the murder capital of the world …maybe nj is just not the place to due business it once was ?

  34. 105 utah gets almost the same grades and sat scores and they spend only 5grand per kid

  35. 841 thats because our senators suck!

  36. quoting a crook like spiro agnew to defend nj …i cant believe no one has not noticed how stupid this person sounds….

  37. 10:37 — Apparently, 1:09 didn’t think this person sound stupid, since she “always knew Agnew was a great man even as a child.”

    Now, how Agnew could be a great man at the same time that he was a child is the great mystery. 😉

  38. 10:37 — Apparently, 1:09 didn’t think this person sound stupid,…

    Ha Ha Ha… no, but you do.

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