"the train has left the station."

In Uncategorized on November 18, 2008 at 2:04 pm

Let’s face fact here. As Mr. Hutton is fond of telling parents, “the train has left the station.”

Regina and her puppet, Mr. Fishbein, have already decided on Everyday Math.

This “expert” math panel, the curriculum committee and the parents’ groups are all a sham to provide cover for a fiat compli.

We are going to have Everyday Math, like it or not because that is what Regina wants and the BOE is too weak to demand an open process.

Remember, you heard it here first, we are going to have Everyday Math as the official math curriculum in our elementary schools.

Any one care to bet differently? I’ll give 10 to 1 odds.


  1. Regina and her puppet, Mr. Fishbein, have already decided on Everyday Math.

    Let’s face it — you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.

    Regina is not the Puppetmaster.

  2. Yes, you heard it here first when I said this about 2 years ago.

    This was to be the “Great Compromise”

  3. Oh, are you telling us , 9:29, that Mr. Fishbein decided who is to be on the math panel?

    Please, spare us the flack from Cottage Place.

  4. 9:29 AM,

    If Regina is not the “puppetmaster,” then who, pray tell, is?

    You are not asserting that Superintendent Fishbein is his own man, are you?

    He reminds one of John Mucciolo. Nice guy but not a leader.

  5. Where are the presentations from the publishers’ reps at Houghton Mifflin and Saxon Math? Invite Everyday Math’s rep too. Let’s hear what they have to say.

    Why isn’t the district holding meetings for parents to attend and hear from these reps?

    If the BOE really wants community input and support, then they should be inviting these publishers to speak before our community about what it is they have to offer our children.

  6. If Regina is not the “puppetmaster,” then who, pray tell, is?

    The question reveals more about your world than anything else.

    Most of us do not live under the jackboot of a Puppetmaster. You should learn to do the same.

  7. 11:04 said,
    If the BOE really wants community input and support, then they should be inviting these publishers to speak before our community about what it is they have to offer our children.

    Do you really think the board wants community input? The board wants the PERCEPTION of community input. Learn this now 11:04 so that you won’t be disappointed later. The HSAs are the means through which that perception is provided. Everybody else be damned.

  8. The Great Compromise…have the Lacrosse Dads teach the math !

  9. Regina is not the Puppetmaster…stop drinking the Kool Aid!

  10. RE: “Regina is not the Puppetmaster”

    Does she prefer to be called “the Architect”?

  11. 1:36 PM,

    You’re right, the real puppetmaster is Shelia. Regina wouldn’t be here if not for her patron, Ms. Brogen.

    But we digress. The real question is to you care to wager whether we end up with Everyday Math or not?

    The fix is in and Regina and Co. are paving the way to introduce Everyday Math district wide.

    Tell us it’s not true.

    Otherwise Cottage Place flack, put your money where your mouth is.

  12. The only folks drinking the Kool Aid are those who work at Cottage Place and those who defend the poor decisions emanating from that building, regardless of the harm done to our children.

    The question remains, why aren’t we allowed to hear other voices besides the math constructivists chosen by Regina Botsford?

  13. Regina prefers to be called a “facilitator”. Some in this district refer to Regina as THE RB. I myself have a few other names but will not resort to name calling. However, she isn’t qualified for the job she gets paid for. I am happy to call a spade a spade; or in this case a constructivist a constructivist.

  14. 3 statements in this thread that are simply false:

    "Regina and her puppet, Mr. Fishbein, have already decided on Everyday Math."

    "the real puppetmaster is Shelia."

    "you are from Cottage Place."

    The Kool Aid drinkers continue to lose credibility when they spout nonsense & falsehoods like this.

    9:29 / 12:31

  15. 9:29, 12:31, 2:49 PM,

    But we know from your IP address that you are from Cottage place. There is no hiding from The Fly.

    But the fact remains, why is the panel stacked with constructivists?

    Answer the question, otherwise you are the one without credibility.

  16. OK 2:49 PM,

    Just who is in charge then? Who is responsible for stacking the math panel with constructivists?

    Please, answer that simple question. Show yourself to be credible.

    If you refuse, then all will know that you’re nothing but a shill for the BOE.

  17. But we know from your IP address that you are from Cottage place. There is no hiding from The Fly.

    Wrong yet again.

    The Fly needs better web services if he’s seeing a Cottage Place IP address for me.

    Just who is in charge then?

    The Board of Ed is in charge. Dr Fishbein reports to them. Dr Brogan reports to Dr Fishbein. Ever hear the phrase “chain of command”?

    This notion of Sheila as the Puppetmaster is a dime-store novel fantasy spun by people with no clue as to what they’re talking about.

    9:29 / 12:31 / 2:49

  18. Ooops, I meant Dr Botsford (not Ms Brogan) reports to Dr Fishbein.

    All this “Puppetmaster” talk has me in la-la land. 🙂

    9:29 / 12:31 / 2:49 / 4:30

  19. Dear 9:29, 12:31, 2:49, 4:30, 5:03… Botsford doesn’t have a phD. You have just proven that you know little about our admins and our BOE. Therefore, you will no longer be taken seriously. To educate you a bit on the reality inRPS…The BOE has been ass-backwards about how things are SUPPOSED to work for a very long time. I do agree that the superintendent should be reporting to the BOE, but our Board is one big group think led by Sheila. May I remind you she has served on the Board for 13 years now. Puppetmaster is an understated label for Sheila. Regina and Sheila are each other’s #1 spot for speed-dial. Sad, but true.

  20. 5:38 claims that Brogan is the Puppetmaster.

    10:55 & others think Botsford is the Puppetmaster.

    All of this intrigue is fascinating!

    Too bad it's fiction.

    9:29 / 12:31 / 2:49 / 4:30

    p.s. I though Regina had a PhD in Math Education. My bad. Instead, Regina has Master of Education degree in Educational Administration from Rutgers University, and a Master of Education degree in Mathematics Education from The College of New Jersey.

    She does *not* have a degree in Puppetmastery…nor does Sheila…and neither one of them drinks Kool Aid!

  21. Holmdel uses Houghton Mifflin…it’s a great math curriculum and they are a top district.

    Just in case anyone wants to compare us to our peers.

  22. Notice all the flack in the air.

    Notice how 6:12 never answers the question posed by 3:39 or 3:29 or the original poster.

    Notice how he was the first to use the term “puppetmaster.”

    He has no credibility. None, nada.

  23. FYI… Woodcliff Lake (another J district) also uses Houghton Mifflin’s non NSF funded math program. Now that is a real apples to apples comparison.

  24. All the NSF’s supported math curricula have been discredited by the President’s Math Panel. Everyday Math was singled out due to its spiraling method of instruction.

    Houghton Mifflin and Saxon offer a true balanced approach. Employing the foundations of traditional math blended with well reasoned (read; written in a comprehensible manner) everyday examples of math applications.

    So, why aren’t these two programs being examined?

    The only plausible reason is as the original poster wrote, the district has already made up its mind and is going to use Everyday Math, regardless of its weaknesses.

    We know this because there is an unshakable belief in constructivist learning which has permeated our Cottage Place.

    Where is the due diligence on the part of the BOE? Have they just abdicated their responsibility to Regina and her paid consultants.

  25. Notice how 6:12 never answers the question posed by 3:39 or 3:29 or the original poster.

    Notice how he was the first to use the term “puppetmaster.”

    The only question in original post is this:

    "Any one care to bet differently?"

    I didn't answer it because a) it's a rhethorical question, and b) I don't like to gamble.

    I used the term "Puppetmaster" because the original post made the silly statement "Regina and her puppet, Mr. Fishbein".

    See my post at 2:49 above, in which I expose & demolish the blatantly false statements made by people who have zero credibility in this discussion.

    9:29 etc.

  26. You know it’s a slow news day when we’re quoting Bob “The Caddy” Hutton…

  27. The topic is Everyday Math.

    So, 9:29 are you saying, since we don’t know what we are talking about, that Regina and Co. are exploring alternatives to EM and TERC that are not associated with the NSF, such as Saxon And Houghton?

    I challenge you to answer the question.

    Or have you drunken the BOE Kool-Aid too and can only attempt to distract from the issue at hand?

  28. 8:43 —

    Just to clarify — I’ll type slowly because you don’t seem to read too well:

    1) No decision has been made to go with EM, TERC or any other program.

    2) It’s not “Regina and Co.” who are leading the effort. The Mathematics Planning Team is the decision-making body for the initiative to select an elementary mathematics textbook or program for use in all schools.

    3) Based on your comments, it is increasingly clear that, when it comes to RPS and the BOE, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    9:29 etc.

  29. 9:29 etc, people that have been following the math debate in town no much, much more than you. Unless you have specific information to refute what the majority of those in “the know” believe to be a done deal, stop being a BOE and admin flack.
    Yours truly, someone in the loop.

  30. this is 12:30PM sorry for the incorrect usage of the word no. Obviously it should be ‘know’. I know how quick some on this blog like to point out grammar/usage errors. I just self corrected. Regina and Nancy Shultz would be so proud of me.

  31. Keep an eye on that Nancy Shultz. She will end up picking the program and Regina’s job will be to make it look like the principals did it. Or, maybe the butler.

    Either way, watch what happens.

  32. Having Nancy Shultz on the math panel is like the fox guarding the hen house.

    It is a HUGE conflict of interest.

  33. 9:29 that’s “very well” not “too well”

  34. It’s the NJDOE and the teacher’s union that want constuctivist math. Like all social programs, they are designed to keep the populace ignorant. It’s like printing notices in spanish. The spanish speaker doesn’t have to learn english and is kept ignorant except for what is fed to them in spanish. Unfortunately many people make careers out of keeping their fellow man ignorant. They also gets votes because they are told (in spanish) how this or that politician is looking out for them (Not!). And if the inner city kids are fed substandard math to keep them from exceling in the real world, well, we had better cover it up with sub standard math for all. It means jobs – the wrong kind of jobs, though.

  35. I agree with you 7:36, as crazy and sad as this commentary is. However, here in Ridgewood, we have the means, the resources, and the know how. Regina has to leave, Dan has to step up to the leadership plate, and the BOE needs to do some of their own homework and then hold the admin accountable.

  36. Regina must know where the bodies are buried. How else to explain why someone who has failed so publicly and so completely is still kept in her job?

    Can anyone answer this for me? In all my life, I’ve never seen anything like it. Never.

    We managed to get rid of Debra Ives after just one year and she was only half as bad.

    What gives with Regina? She lies too. Big ones. Ask a question and see what happens when you go to check out the truthfulness of her answer. Just set her up. I have and I’m stunned at her mendacity.

  37. Regina, would you please just leave? Find some other school that won’t mind if you use their children as guinea pigs. Or better yet, go work for/with Nancy Schultz. Or, I hear a new wacky math program is about to be launched by your good friend Pearson. It’s called enVision Math. Why don’t you buy that program because it’s new and improved and unproven and go back to Bridgewater-Raritan where you used to work. Oh that’s right, they don’t want you there either and they are currently getting rid of Everyday Math. Which you brought to their district. I could go on and on. Please Regina, just go. You are not wanted here for many, many reasons by many, many people.

  38. Regina won’t leave. Fishbein needs her here to deflect the heat from himself.

    Now that he knows where the toilets are I wonder what he’s going to do about the sad state of affairs within that surreal building. They can’t even pay their vendors on time. They can’t do their jobs without a consultant who helps them. In Regina’s case — many, many consultants and countless amounts of taxpayer dollars flood to her jurisdiction. She still will make a mess of it.

  39. geez 10:14, give it a rest…if you’re kids aren’t doing so great at school, don’t go around blaming everybody else

  40. 8:22, the truth hurts doesn’t it? I know your type; afraidy cat.

  41. Hey 8:22 this is 10:14. My kids are doing great in school! I teach them real math at home and grammar too! Oh and by the way, I am a teacher here in Ridgewood. That helps a bit. I appreciate your concern, it is heartwarming.

  42. RE: “Dan has to step up to the leadership plate…”

    Sad to say that even as he is still unpacking his bags, Dan has already (figuratively) “left the building”.

  43. 8:22 PM,

    I didn’t see 10:14 write anything about her children’s performance in school.

    She only wrote about Regina’s performance and associations and the fact that many, many people wish she would leave our district.

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