What about teacher’s aides?

In Uncategorized on November 17, 2008 at 1:27 pm

Just about every school in town has almost as many teacher’s aids as it does teaches. What do they do?Guard the kids so they don’t leave class, hand out paper, take kids to the bathroom so they don’t get lost. Give me a break.This is like a teacher’s nanny.Our classes don’t have 30-35 kids.If the teachers can’t handle 20-25 kids then they need to find another job.The concept of teacher’s aid is a joke.Put money into books and other worth while things and stop wasting money.


  1. You are CLUELESS!

  2. This is because of the special education students that have been mainstreamed who require (by law!) an aide…. get a clue, as 11:06 so correctly stated.

  3. the bord of ed needs some aids to help them out.they need to stop smoking that funny stuff.

  4. 7:09- many families with special ed. children move here especially for our programs, so you would need to compare the % of special ed students in town X with our village.

  5. 5:09
    Then way don’t other towns step up and start having these programs.

    I think this is not right for the rest of the taxpayers to foot the bill for these programs that other towns won’t have.

    What happens to these kids when they’re not in school anymore?
    Do the families move away or do they stick around and help pay for the programs for the next child in need through high taxes.

  6. Why all this talk about AIDS?

  7. It doesn’t matter if they move away – the new homeowner will pay the property taxes. The town will not lose money.

    Lots of people move after they no longer need to pay high property taxes. It happens all over the country.

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