Teacher Responds to Blog Critics

In Uncategorized on November 17, 2008 at 12:53 pm

I get more vacation time and holidays then you do.

I also don’t have to pay for health care.

AND I get a pension when I retire.


Don’t you wish you were a teacher?

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  1. well your pension may not be there because the criminals that run new jersey have seen fit to steal it all …ask the firemen if you dont believe me ….looks like your screwed

  2. Or work for the town, the county, State or Fed. Gov.

    They all get the same benifits more or less, but have to work 60 days more a year.

  3. rosie, stop complaining about “criminals running new jersey”…you’re such sour grapes because the GOP are losers

  4. I’m so glad that someone like this is teaching my children.

    During the 5 hours that she has my children, she enforces the same F–k You attitude towards others that I teach my children at home.

    We are so lucky to have teachers like this working in the Ridgewood Public Schools – Maximizing the Unique Potential of Every Learner

  5. 9:59 first whos rosie second unles you a ward of the state the crokks are stealing your money as well..

    btw sorry to inform you but NJ is a one party state so stop with the dumb GOP somments there is no GOP in New Jersey

  6. “I get more vacation time and holidays then you do.”
    AND you can’t spell either! There is no denying that teaching can be a hard job but in towns like Ridgewood they are fairly well compensated. At least this teacher with the “all for me” attitude (who can’t even write English correctly) acknowledges that he/she has it good! It can’t continue like this for public employees — the taxpayers just can’t handle it any longer. The benefits pacakges for all public employees will have to be adpated to be similar to those in the private sector. Changes are made all the time in the private sector re: benefits, i.e. less for more, as well as with pension plans and 401K’s. Oh, the change will come — it has to!

  7. 2:42
    Thank God you picked up the error.

    “The benefits pacakges for all public employees will have to be adpated to be similar to those in the private sector.”

    Why? To beat up on the public employees?
    Aren’t Senators and Presidents public employees? (they don’t even have a Union).
    They never talk about cutting their benefit packages to help the taxpayer.
    Why should other public employees be singled out?

  8. On an anonymous blog such as this- how do you know that the post in question was even written by a teacher? There really is no way of knowing.

  9. Change is coming… that’s all you’ll have left in your paycheck once the Dems are done “redistributing the wealth.”

  10. Why is everyone so quick to bash the teachers? Is there anything else to talk about in the town? I am confused… and a little disturbed.

  11. Don’t think it is just the teachers being bashed here, I think it’s more the frustration people are feeling about all public employees in general. Thet tax dollars supporting all the public employees salaries and their benefits (including the President of the US)are becoming a burden. The private sector wages are not keeping pace and there is too much of a disparity between what the public employees receive and the private sector receives. I do notice however that most public employees seem to have an “entitlement” mentality and often forget that they are “public servants.” Also, I agree with the poster that heading of this blog may have been posted just to infuriate people. Please, I can’t imagine any teacher really posting that!

  12. 6:52 –

    Please itemize “the bashing”.

  13. 1:00 PM –

    Teachers are human.

    A teacher is capable of posting that comment.

    Believe it.

  14. 2:42
    I’m 4:10 and

    I’m still waiting for an answer.

  15. Why do you refer to the teacher as a SHE? Boy, that is pretty sexist of you…. anyhoo….
    If you all wanted what teachers have then you should have pursued that career. Teachers work hard, get cr**apped on (quite often) and are responsible for teaching ALL comers; kids who do not want to learn, kids from other towns pretending to live in this town, kids with serious medical issues, mental issues, wonderful, enthusiastic kids—- the whole gamut! We deal with nosebleeds, bullying, kids with anxiety disorders, ADD, ADHD (even more fun!), normal puberty issues, and the list goes on. If this sounds glamorous to you and you continue to envy us- then why didn’t you join our ranks? If you think we do such a horrendous job, take your child out of public school and go to private, where teachers are not even certified by the state. Sayonara!!

  16. 5:56
    You mut be my NJEA Rep.

    Thanks for having the balls to state it like it is, without beating around the bush.

  17. Private school teachers are very effective and they do not have a strong union. In a Catholic School a teacher can be fired.

    Certification requires a lot of paperwork, student teaching and a test, but it does not always produce a good teacher. I took the Elementary Ed teacher exam and passed with distinction. They sent me a certificate for being in the top 10% of test takers. This was the first test that I had taken since graduating college 20 years ago. A lot of teachers don’t pass this test the first time. Teachers have a tough job, but don’t pretend that being certified is the mark of a good teacher.

  18. In this town (and I can tell you because I do teach here) within the 1st year or 2 they can tell what kind of teacher/human you are and they cut dead wood.
    I am sick of people talking, talking, talking about things that they do not know a thing about.
    Think, people! What principal wants a teacher who is ineffective? Who wants a teacher that parents will not be happy with? We know that the typical family here cares deeply about their child’s education. It behooves NO ONE if a sub-par teacher is kept on.

  19. I’m still trying to figure what the expletive “cr**apped on” means.

  20. “It behooves NO ONE if a sub-par teacher is kept on.” Is that creative writing?

    At every school there are teachers that parents don’t want their children to have. Don’t kid yourself. These teachers are here because they have tenure. It is too late to get rid of them. They have a 25 year ride.

  21. 6:28
    You're probably and old English teacher that no one wanted there kid to have
    See if you can figure this one,

    That's way they have a union. Its job security.
    I was a teacher and live in town and when my kids went to school there were fellow teachers I didn't want them to have. It doesn't mean they were bad educators, more of a personality thing (almost 30 yrs ago). I'm sure I'm not alone.
    Not much has changed in that time.

  22. 8:38
    OMG another error!
    Is it there, their, or they’re?
    I can’t wait to see what 6:28 has to say.

  23. I tend to refer to teachers as “she” because most teachers – and every one of my three children’s teachers -are women.

    That is why the salaries are so low. Teaching is a job that is essential to our future. The position requires advanced degrees. Why are they paid so little?

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