Five and one quarter new BOE postions approved YTD

In Uncategorized on November 17, 2008 at 12:04 pm

A review of BOE meeting agendas YTD 2008 reveals that BOE members have approved 5.25 additional positions so far this year.

The additional (added headcount) positions are as follows:

(1) Self-contained Special Education Classroom Aide, RED Program, Glen School

(1/2) One-to-one Special Education Classroom Aide (3.25 hours/day, five days/week), ravell School

(1/2) Classroom/Lunchroom Aide, Grade 2 (3.25 hours/day, five days/week), Travell School

(1/2) .5 time Elementary Staff Developer, Travell School

(1) Special Education Teacher, Travell School

(1) Medical Aide, Ridge School

(1/4) .2 time Educational Specialist, Somerville School

(1 ½) 1.5 Special Education aides, Ridge School

Total added heads = 5 1/4

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