NEW PARKING COMMITTEE TO BE FORMED – Submit Letter of Interest by Nov. 25

In Uncategorized on November 15, 2008 at 6:14 pm

The Ridgewood Village Council is looking for people to serve on a Parking Committee, with a membership from the following groups: commuters; property owners; tenants, and employees in the Central Business District; as well as shoppers and those who frequent the restaurants in the Village of Ridgewood.

All persons wishing to be involved with the Parking Committee should submit a letter of interest, indicating which group listed above they represent, no later than November 25, 2008 to: Mayor David Pfund, Village of Ridgewood, 131 North Maple Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07451

Examples of topics to be covered are: Rate Changes and Redesign; Multi-Space Meters; Long-Term Parking; Stacked & Attended Parking; Public & Private Parterships; Permit Parking; Hours of Meter Operations; Easy Park Devices; Parking Garage or Decks; Financial Stability of the Parking Utility; Way-Finding Signage.

  1. How many times have we formed this committee? ….

    Don’t we have enough information submitted already?

    It’s another “no power” group…

  2. 201 its because they havnt found the most expensive solution

  3. will nancy schultz be on this committee?

  4. Re: “will nancy schultz be on this committee?”

    No, but the Sales Rep from “Central Parking System” will be on it.

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