New concussion test for HS athletes

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Eyewitness News NEW JERSEY (WABC) —


Students on the Ridgewood High School basketball team are taking a test to protect their brains.

It’s called ‘impact’, a baseline test that measures cognitive skills.
The results will be used if they get a concussion on the court.

“Its a great program that reassures us and parents on when it’s okay for a child to return to play,” said The test is given to athletes who play contact sports.

When a girl or boy gets injured and a concussion is suspected, he or she takes the test again. If they’re performance changes the player’s sidelined.

“If I do get a concussion and I do get injured, I know I could risk my future, so I think it’s good we all take the test,” said Jack Simmons.

The test is endorsed by the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey which says it should also be combined with an education program for coaches, parents and players themselves about the dangers of brain injuries.

To better protect young athletes with concussions, another group, The Athletic Trainers Association recommends schools adopt a written policy on when kids should be taken out of a game, including medical clearance before an athlete can return to play.

At Ridgewood high, a doctor’s note is required and if they don’t return to their pre-injury status, they’re not allowed to return to play.
A tough policy but one the young athletes have come to understand and respect.


  1. PJ – maybe a post to the following?

    Ridgewood middle school evacuated because of gas odor
    Monday, November 10, 2008

    George Washington Middle School in Ridgewood was evacuated following a report of a natural gas odor, police said.

    The fire department responded to the 8:30 a.m. call and children were back inside less than 20 minutes later.


  2. As a resident of Ridgewood and parent of a female athlete at RHS, I am extremely proud and impressed with the leadership the athletic department has taken on this serious issue. Ridgewood has been out in front of this because of athletic trainer Nick Nicholaides’ efforts and concern for Ridgewood ids. He deserves our respect and thanks.

  3. Nick’s also looking out for Ridgewood egos!

    Sorry, but I couldn’t pass this one up ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. First, how rude to say that any of Nick’s caring or hard work is because he’s “looking out for Ridgewood egos.” Why can’t it just be that he cares and that he’s extremely good at what he does?

    Second, just want to clarify that this concussion testing is not “new” to Ridgewood. It’s been in place for at least a year if not longer (can’t trust my memory). We have been one of the standard-bearers in the state for concussion safety and testing. Good job RHS!

  5. No, Nick goes above and beyond, 4pm!!!! Come on now!
    He is there no matter what time I have been at rhs. We could not have a better guy looking out for the health and well-being of our student athletes. Kudos, Nick!

  6. 7:28 –

    I have no quarrel with Nick –

    The “ego” remark was just a playful response to the “id” typo in 1:33’s comment that I found humorous.

    No malice intended. Didn’t you see the smiley face? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 9:38

    On this blog, no bad joke (or good pun) goes unpunished. I was the original poster at 1:33 and I understood your humorous quip about my typo. Actually, I thought it was more clever than most.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ lives!

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