Library Director Seeks to Remove All Trees Near Staff Parking Spaces

In Uncategorized on November 6, 2008 at 2:56 pm

Ridgewood Public Library Director Nancy Greene appeared before Village Council members last night with a request to remove all trees currently situated above parking spaces assigned to her employees. The trees now provide a buffer between the Village Hall/Library parking lot and several back yards of private residential properties fronting onto Marshall Street.

Greene reported that the Library’s landscape architect advised her that the trees had outlived their useful purpose are in dangerously poor condition. It was initially believed that trimming would resolve the problem, but it was subsequently decided that all the trees should be completely removed instead. Alternative buffer landscaping would be planted once the trees were removed.

Deputy Mayor Keith D. Killion flatly rejected Greene’s request for immediate approval of a “chainsaw massacre.” Killion joked with Green that he hoped no one ever identified him as having “outlived his useful purpose” and suggested that removing all of the trees was just plain overkill.

Killion and Councilman Patrick A. Mancuso asked Greene if she’d notified adjacent Marshall Street property owners of her plan. Greene said that she’d not done so. Killion asked if Greene had advised Planning Board members of her intent to remove all trees. Greene said that she had not.

The Deputy Mayor closed the discussion by advising Greene that under no circumstances would he approve any plan to remove all trees until: 1) residents on Marshall Street were notified of Greene’s intent and provided an opportunity to comment; 2) Planning Board members granted approval of the revised plan; and 3) the Village’s certified arborist concurred that the trees were so dangerous that they need to be removed.

The Fly says Killion is the man!

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  1. Not to worry Ms Greene.

    I’m sure you could find a way to build a “Staff Only” parking garage using “private funding”.

  2. Thanks to Killion to keeping the rights of neighbors in mind before letting trees be cut down.

    Ridgewood is beautiful because of the trees and I hope that if any are removed they are in fact a safety hazard to people and property and are REPLACED by new trees.

    It would be lovely to see 2 new trees for every one removed so that the beauty of the village is ensured.

  3. what are smoking.they need to be clean,ed up.

  4. Hardly anyone walks on that side of the parking lot. The only danger might be that some branches my land on the employee cars. I don’t think that’s a good enough excuse to cut down all the trees.

    The photos say it all. It looks beautiful the way it is.

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