Let’s drop the "RW is a conservative town" label already.

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“…a resounding conservative community….”

Let’s drop the “RW is a conservative town” label already.

We have never been “resoundingly conservative” and haven’t been “conservative leaning” for many, many, many years. We used to be “left leaning” but now we are left and moving far left at a rapid rate.

Let’s not forget that in the DEMOCRATIC primary, Ridgewood was only ONE OF THREE towns in BREGEN COUNTY to vote for Obama over Clinton. (the other two being Tenafly and HoHokus).

“…a resounding conservative community….”
…come back to reality. The Leading Liberal town in Bergen County voted for the most liberal Senator in the Congress and you find this to be newsworthy?

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  1. after living here for 35 years that vote was disappointing but not surprising.

  2. Does anyone have the polling district breakdown of the vote in Ridgewood or know where to get it?

  3. People, settle down. Take a look at the North Jersey
    election results by municipality

    Strong conservative: Saddle River, Ho-Ho-Kus
    Leans conservative: Paramus, Oradel
    Leans liberal: Ridgewood, Glen Rock
    Strong liberal: Englewood, Tenafly

    “The Leading Liberal town in Bergen County”? Not quite.

  4. voting results are in the Bergen record

  5. difference – old money verses new money. look around old money in ridgewood is no longer.

  6. To 9:46 AM –

    Re: “People, settle down. Take a look at the North Jersey election results by municipality….”The Leading Liberal town in Bergen County”? Not quite.”

    Firstly, there is no need for any exaggerated “settle down” hyperbole. I would hardly consider one comment from a 35 year resident stating that the results were “disappointing but not surprising” and another requesting the vote breakdown to require any “settling down”.

    I did look at the North Jersey Election Results and they support my statement that “Ridgewood is the Leading Liberal Town in Bergen County”.

    As in stature;
    As in trendsetting;
    As in financial ability to institute change;
    As in influence;
    As in — well — leading.

    Do you really think that Englewood or Tenafly are trendsetters and influential leaders that other towns in BERGEN COUNTY will follow?
    To coin a phrase … not quite.

    As in: Ridgewood is on the Leaving Edge(voted 54.915508% for Obama) of “Leans Liberal” category (votes of 50%-55% Obama)” and shows recent trends of accelerating quickly into Strong Liberal Territory.
    As in: Ridgewood Obama voters ARE NOT converts from the Hillary camp — they are true believers. When given a choice, they (along with Tenafly) went with the further left choice of Obama over the still very liberal, but more centrist Hillary.

    The QUANTITY(percentage of voters) may just squeak within the definition of “Leaning Left” but the QUALITY(“Liberal-ness” of the voter’s Ideology) is much further left than “leaning” and is further out of the mainstream.

    Why are you so afraid to represent the town accurately?

    It is what it is.

    A town where the majority of voters endorses a far left liberal agenda of social “fairness” and redistribution.

    “The Leading Liberal town in Bergen County”
    YES, Quite.

    What confuses me is why you are not shouting this from the rooftops as a point of pride.
    Ridgewood is the Leading Liberal town in Bergen County.
    Are you not proud of this?
    Why would you want to hide this fact?

  7. 3:42 PM,


  8. Winston Churchill said:
    If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

  9. thank god for hohokus.

  10. To 3:42,

    How come those that consider themselves liberal come across as the least tolerant?

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