Ho-Ho-Kus Officials Renege – Railroad Quiet Zone Issue Now Seems Dead

In Uncategorized on November 6, 2008 at 5:11 pm

Village Manager James Ten Hoeve revealed last night that he’d received e-mail notification from the Borough of Ho-Ho-Kus of that municipality’s “inability” to provide any funding for a proposed study connected with establishing a railroad “quiet zone” near the Ho-Ho-Kus/Ridgewood border.

It was also revealed that traffic flow studies ordered by the Village Council recorded approximately 1000 eastbound and 1000 westbound vehicles travel across the Glenwood Road railroad crossing every day.

Several months ago, Deputy Mayor Keith D. Killion had suggested that Glenwood Road could be closed off to eliminate the grade level crossing near the Ho-Ho-Kus border. The elimination of a grade level railroad crossing might have reduced the number of times a train engineer was required to sound the horn. After learning of the recorded traffic volume, Killion graciously retracted his original suggestion.

Since Ho-Ho-Kus officials were originally leading this initiative, their sudden pull out will almost certainly cause it to die.

Wayside Gardens

  1. Glad the issue is being put to rest and not a person.

  2. befor you talk you should know what you are talking about.just because you are an ex cop does not mean you know it all.hummm

  3. thats so true.no will ever over power the rail road they have to much money and power .what they should do is post a note on the weep site when it snows the road will be closed,snow and ice .

  4. Hey, give him a break, at least he’ll say he is wrong, and then move on.

  5. yea thats true.but he needs to stop saying we are bruning daylight.come up with some thing on your self,he dont need john whane.

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