Readers Sound off on Election Security

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I come from a place in Europe that not so long ago, you placed your life in God’s hands when you went to vote, went to buy groceries, or just dropped your kids off at school. Car bombs, shootings, incendiary devices at the polling stations, these were just some on the issues that we possibly had to deal with. The police would use specially trained sniffer dogs to search not only the polling stations, but the individual booths, for devices. Our polling stations were primarily schools and before they would open the stations up to the voting public, the police would sweep them clean. Security was everything – if there was a security scare, the station would close and in some cases, people would not be able to vote.

It is seven years since this great country suffered its worse ever terrorist attacks. A few miles down the road in Paterson a lot of Middle Eastern immigrants were out cheering the success of the terrorists. How do know that these same immigrants don’t view our lovely little village as a bastion of American protagonists, hell bent on ruining their religious and ideological belief systems?

Scare tactics are one thing, but to ignore the reality of the world in which we live today is just plain stupid. So what if we have to dole out a few dollars to ensure that our voters, but most importantly our children, are safe when they go to school on Election Day. We want to believe that nothing could ever happen in this little village, but should we take the chance? I am not prepared to. Are you?


Security for what? Just whom are we expecting to show up to vote, Babyface Nelson? The paranoia in this town and nation has brought this great country to its knees. How can we aspire to greatness when we can’t even get out of bed in the morning not wracked with fear. What are we telling the children? The voters are not to be trusted and they need the police to protect them? The looney toons are in control. And it is far past sad. It is pathetic.


just another way to harass voters

Martha Stewart for 1-800-Flowers.com

  1. “The paranoia in this town and nation has brought this great country to its knees.”

    Hypberbolic melodrama at its finest!

  2. I overheard the HSA President of Orchard tell a parent, referring to the policeman outside the door of the cafeteria in the hallway, that “the children are safe now.”

    OMG, has this women lost her marbles or what?

    What does she think? That a voter is going to whisk away a child and eat them for diner.

    I mean this is the stuff of fairy tales.

    Our kids are going to grow up thinking the whole world is a dangerous place.

    These mommies need to stop watching 24/7 cable news. They are losing all perspective of reality.

  3. The reality of it is….The whole world IS a dangerous place and children need to know that. If you as a parent are going to do anything to keep your children safe….then thank GOD the town is.

  4. has something radically changed in the past few years? Have we ever had this level of security before? Are we not changing our schools from community centers to secure fortresses?

  5. We have a securitiy procedure in place at all the schools all year long. OK 10:02 I guess you think we should leave all the doors open at each school every day and have no security ever. This is the message you are sending.

  6. Did anyone think a plane would crash into the world trade cetner!!!!!!!!!

  7. Perhaps someone should ask why weren’t the schools closed? A majority of Bergen County schools were closed.

  8. I’m just glad that the town shifted the cost to the HSA (i.e. parents) and did not incur the expense out of the general fund (i.e. my tax dollars) even though it is the obligation of the town to provide any necessary security for the polling stations.

    Those idiot parents will pony up again and again when the HSA comes a-beggin’.

  9. 5:08 – Back into the basement bunker for you. Its not safe up here.

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