This Weeks Math Comic

In Uncategorized on October 31, 2008 at 1:09 pm


  1. Usually the weekly math comics are stupid. This one is an exception. Building mathematical fluency, like learning a musical instrument, is done with practice. But practice is twisted into a negative by calling it ‘drill and kill.’ The Orwellians in the reform math crowd have been effective with this one.

  2. Could you imagine if Coach Johnson stopped drilling his football team and used the spiral approach to readying his team for games.

    If a pass was thrown and the receiver touched it, we could call it a reception. Close enough, right?

    Maybe would could ask each player their favorite yard line and start the games from there.

    Better yet, let’s not keep score because some one may loose.

  3. 12:27-

    Great analogy! Bravo! Practice makes perfect is not a trite saying—– it holds irrefutable truth!

  4. Best to play football WITHOUT the ball. That way the entire team can enjoy the experience of discovering what the game might be about. This will work to everyone’s advantage, since the other team won’t know what everyone else is looking for. Without a ball, no one can score against the other. No feelings will be hurt. All will be happy. Regina can be the coach. She can take her team to the State Championships and NOT lose. Since she did not lose, she will be hailed as coach of the year. She will be granted a lifetime job and in her later years, a lifetime achievement award.

  5. 2:35 –

    Maybe we just let every player have their own football… that way no one feels left out!

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