IMPORTANT ALERT:Vote "No" On Question One

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Vote “No” On Question One

Americans for Prosperity Urges a NO vote on Ballot Question One

Ballot Question One is misleading and dangerous for property taxpayers. Many of us hoped this referendum would put an end to the runaway borrowing that has plagued the state. While this question appears, on its surface, to stop unconstitutional borrowing, the legislation gives additional power to the legislature to place even more responsibility on every property taxpayer. It is a fraud. Here’s why:

The devil is in the fine print of Senate Concurrent Resolution #39 which will replace our current constitution if State Ballot Question #1 is approved.

First, voter approval will NOT be needed if a proposed project has “an independent non-State source of revenue” or “a source of revenue otherwise required to be appropriated pursuant to another provision of this Constitution”.

Any Enron accountant or Abbott lawyer can drive a truck through those loopholes.

But here is the real kicker: “No voter approval shall be required . . . authorizing the creation of . . . debts . . . for the refinancing of all or a portion of any outstanding debts or liabilities of . . . an autonomous public corporate entity.”

Our Supreme Court ruled that New Jersey voters don’t have to pay a dime on any of the $29 billion previously borrowed by shell entities like the EDA-unless they vote to do it. But with a “Yes” vote on Ballot Question #1, Governor Corzine and the State Legislature could pass a simple law to refinance every dollar of the $37 billion borrowed by state authorities WITHOUT voter approval! Then, every “unenforceable” contract to pay $3 billion a year will become enforceable for the first time-WITHOUT voter approval-for the next 30 years.

Once the full faith and credit of New Jersey is pledged, all state sales tax money is earmarked to pay that debt before it is spent on anything else. And if that money is not enough, the State is legally obligated to adopt a new statewide property tax to pay the difference.

Don’t be fooled. Vote No on State Ballot Question #1.

Steve Lonegan
State Director
Americans For Prosperity

  1. Sorry, can’t find your contact info, but here’s a story for you:


    Chairs placed along Toms River Halloween parade route confiscated


    People counting on a good seat for the Halloween Parade will be disappointed to learn that the chairs they placed along Main Street, against township orders, are gone.

    For one local parade enthusiast and family man, early chair-placing — a tradition as much as the ghoulish procession itself — in defiance of the order was too much to sit by and allow.

    Ron Defreitas, 32, here, and his brothers Wednesday night went out to move the chairs from their places which were surrounded by yellow tape marked “Caution.”

    They stacked the chairs neatly in piles about 5 feet high along Main Street. Police then confiscated them. Chief Michael G. Mastronardy estimated more than 50 chairs were taken.

    The Defreitases also collected the tape and trash left behind by the premature squatters.

    Ron Defreitas said allowing people to claim the best spots to view the parade is unfair to children, like his 4-year-old son, Symon.

    “I just want my son to be able to see the parade,” Defreitas said.

    Signs posted along the Main Street route of the annual parade say no chairs can be placed before noon today. The Halloween Parade is set to begin at 7 p.m. Friday. The mayor’s office issued a statement saying that if the chairs were placed before noon police would confiscate them.

    But despite the signs, announcements in the newspaper and Internet, and even notices posted on poles and trees along Main Street, still dozens of chairs — and even a couch, easy chair, refrigerator and night stand — were set out along the street, some as early as Sunday.

    Ron Defreitas and his brother, Joel, 29, said it is their understanding that the chairs were on the public easement along the street and have no names on them, so if they move them, they are not violating any law.

    Mastronardy, who went to Main Street Wednesday night to see the situation firsthand, said he had not seen the Defreitas “chair vigilantes”‘ but said that they did an excellent job of cleaning up.

    Police had already confiscated 26 chairs Tuesday night because they had blown into the roadway during the storm.

    “Now we have even more out here and there is even a couch out here,” Mastronardy said Wednesday night. “We have a couch, easy chair and a night stand. This is impeding the sidewalk. This has to go.”

    Ron DeFreitas said: “I can’t believe there is a couch here. I bet they are planning on bringing the cushions on Friday in case it rains.”

    The parade draws record crowds each year.

    “If we don’t do anything people are going to be upset,” Mastronardy said. “If we do do something people are going to be upset. They started Sunday, and the chairs are creating a hazard.”

    “I can understand (Defreitas’s) frustration,” Mastronardy said. “This goes beyond reasonable. It was posted out here ‘Don’t leave your chairs.’ “

    “It is very unfortunate,” he said. “We have other important things to concern ourselves with.”

    “The chairs on the sidewalk are a liability issue for the township,” Mastronardy said. “If someone trips over a chair and falls who are they going to sue? These are already narrow sidewalks.”

  2. Thanks, Steve. Keep up the good work!

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