Reader Asks ,"Why are you ignoring the Valley Expansion issue?"

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PJ, Why are you ignoring the Valley Expansion issue? This project will forever change the character of the Village and phase 1 will involve 6 years of construction within a few hundred yards of the middle school. I think it deserves some thoughtful discussion.

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  1. Could be worst.
    Like only 100 yards.

    Come on its a block away.

    What about the people that live behind it and across the street.
    They are the ones that will suffer from the banging and hammering starting at 8am in the winter and 7am in the summer.

  2. OH GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 10:05–spoken like someone who lives no where near the hospital or who works there (or both).

  4. What happened at Monday’s Planning Board meeting?

  5. Where are these people who are against the expansion going to go when they get sick or injureed? I doube they would waste valuable time and travel to Hackensack! Valley needs to stay current and up to date with the equipment to serve us all better. And NO I do not work there but have been a patient on numberious occasions including ICU for 2 weeks. I am alive because of their terrific services.

  6. The same people who are “pro Valley” and are poo-pooing the “100 yards” and the same people who are first on line defending “environmental illness” as a legitimate ADA classification.

    What a joke you people are.

    Oh and by the way, I have no “local” NIMBY bias about Valley driving my comments. I live no where near the hospital and do not have kids going to BF… I sleep like a baby on my quiet, quiet street.

  7. 11:20….spoken like a typical cry baby resident who has nothing else to do but complain about something that will make your life, your childrens life and the rest of the towns life a lot better. I’m sure there are plenty of people that would “suffer” from the banging and hammering for a while knowing that the hospital right across the street or behind them was trying to better itself. Maybe these are the things you should have thought about before moving so close to the hospital. Do the lights and sirens bother you as well??? Maybe the entire hospital should just shut down just so YOU can live in peace! STOP BEING SELFISH!!!!!!

  8. Valley will not stop at this…they are quietly buying up houses on Van Dien and Linwood – supposedly for doctor’s residences who dont have to live across the street!…makes you wonder why they need these properties (one over an acre, fyi) …this will change the whole image of our village….I dont want Ridgewood to become like Hackensack, do you?

  9. 9:31 – You and Valley may consider improving Valley’s bottom line to be trying to better itself but that does not make it so. Every few years, Valley comes back to the Village and says it needs to expand one last time. It is time for the Village to take a stand and stop being bullied by Valley’s scare tactics. Valley can provide quality health care for the community within the current zoning laws.

  10. Valley should have purchased Pascack Valley if they wanted to expand their footprint. Now they are fighting off Hackensack from opening a hospital there. Valley should be forced to stay within the current zoning laws.

  11. What is going to happen with the current COAH situation?

  12. When Valley buys property it is no longer taxable, and Ridgewood homeowners pay higher property taxes!

  13. Can anyone who is against the hopital expansion and does not live in the Valley neighborhood give me a good reason against expansion?

  14. 9:48

    Valley wants to be too big for the town. Since they are the ones who need the many variances, they are the ones who need to justify their positions.

    Valley does not make my life, or my children’s lives any better. When there is a need for medical care I can go to Valley as it is now, to hackensack or to NYC. I am covered.

  15. 9:48 – There is no valid reason for Valley to expand beyond a community hospital other than for it to make more money. The continued expansion of Valley would destroy the character of Ridgewood as a Village. If we do not help our Eastside neighbors, we should not expect their support when issues impact the Westside. It is a matter of being a good neighbor. I hope you can undertstand and appreciate this sentiment because it is a big part of living here. If not, too many people like you living here will destroy the character of the Village eventually.

  16. Just because this business is a hospital is no reason for everyone to fall over backwards to give it what it wants. It should be working under the same conditions as others in Ridgewood when it comes to building permission and variances.

    No single group should be singled out for special concessions or consideration.

    No single group should have the power to change Village Law so that it can do what it wants.

    It is not in the interest of Ridgewood to allow this to happen

  17. The original question posed by a blogger inquired as to why the blog administrator wasn’t posting more Valley Renewal info.

    I’ll tell you why: because this issue has played itself out, and Valley’s Renewal will, in some form, be realized, as it should be. From the beginning, this has been a classic NIMBY case of the surrounding homeowners not wanting to be burdened by construction issues related to Valley’s project. They have been disingenuous and, at times, highly disrespectful of many well-meaning people in their quest to turn the community against Valley, but they have not succeeded. That’s because Valley and its people are well-regarded by the community. It’s because residents appreciate what Valley brings to the Ridgewood commuity. It’s because, fundamentally, they AGREE with the need for Valley to evolve itself, and a small group of surrounding homeowners should NOT be able to dictate Valley’s future.

    After all — these folks decided to live near the hospital. While their concerns should be heard and the hospital should do all it can to limit the project’s construction impact to them, it’s time we all recognize that Valley’s Renewal has to begin.

  18. “After all — these folks decided to live near the hospital.”

    10:57, you are so clearly deploying a divide and conquer strategy that your entire post and related argument “is and should be” considered null and void.

    BTW, I’m a village resident who does not fall in the category of “these folks decided to live near the hospital” and have arrived at the conclusion that they are right and that Valley is clearly overreaching. How do you propose to squash me like the bug I clearly appear to be to you?


  19. 10:57

    I agree with you. I can’t understand why these people won’t let Valley do whatever it pleases.
    I think that we should delete the zoning laws from the books and let them build, build, build, and then they can blow it up and build it again. Who cares about the neighborhood. When these people bought their house I’m sure the knew that neither Valley nor Ridgewood Pols had their interests in mind. Let’s be real, Ridgewood was created to serve Valley,not the other way around!

  20. 3:29 LOL

    I couldn’t agree more. Ridgewood residents should have known that Valley was lying when they said no more expansions in the 90’s. They should have known that Valley doesn’t care about them, their property values or their quality of life.

  21. The hospital is a business. They care about the hospital and no one else. There neighbor is a middle school. Tons of kids walk to school every day and they had the nerve not to include foot traffic in their traffic study. There are plenty of other locations where they can expand. Why Ridgewood? It’s all about the address!

  22. This IS a very important issue for ALL of Ridgewood. It has ramifications for ALL of us, beyond the hospital immediate neighbors.

    The increase traffic from the Hospital both during and after construction WILL go down your quiet streets.

    Ridgewood services such as FIRE and POLICE WILL be called more often to the site for traffic control, accidents, alarm activation and drills.

    Who will be paying for all of this…


  23. If you want to protest the expansion of Valley, use the most American of means available to you – don’t patronize the hospital – tell your friends and family to use Hackensack or Holy Name. Your voice (and dollars) will be heard louder than your protests at Planning Board meetings.

    Although I am a resident – Valley is more a detriment than a benefit to residents. Is it not more a financial burden than benefit (excepting its employment base)?

    Its existence was immaterial to my decision to move here. In fact, as a taxpayer, I am shocked Valley pays virtually nothing (contractually) for the services it utilizes. There needs to be a PILOT of sorts to compensate the municipality – equivalent to the ratable of an office building of equal size.

    Zoning laws exist to protect the residents in the neighborhood.

  24. Many excellent points on this thread, the most compelling of which is that VH has been dishonest over the last
    2 decades in repeatedly requesting approval for expansion with the explicit representation that it will not seek further expansion. They and their professional PR team have lost all credibility.

    What will the latest expansion mean. VH admits that the intersection at Linwood and Van Dien will need to widen. Does anyone doubt that this will have an erosive effect on the character of this neighborhood?

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