Parents fighting constructivist math programs all over the country

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Parents from the following school districts are opposing Constructivist curriculums

– Village of Ridgewood, NJ vormath.info/WordPress1/
– Columbia, MO maththatworks.blogspot.com
– Edmonds, WA parents4math.blogspot.com/
– Prince William County, VA www.pwcteachmathright.com/
– Plainview, Old Bethpage, NY www.pobmath.com/
– Alpine, UT www.oaknorton.com/
– Thousand Oaks, CA socmm.home.att.net/
– Simbury, CT www.petitiononline.com/K123456/petition.html
– Plano, TX filed lawsuit against school district
– Traverse City, MI
– Montgomery County, MD
– Penfield, NY
– North Fulton, GA

Parents all over the country are independently creating Online Petitions, Blogs, Websites, YouTube videos, and speaking at Board of Education meetings

• When we hear about parents in so many school districts working to restore college prep curriculums, we cannot disregard this information


  1. It appears that Regina Botsford has already decided on a course of action to nullify any opposition. And she has done so by stacking her expert panel with constructivist proponents of Everyday Math.

    Our new Super is far to weak to have stepped in and ensured that a fair panel was assembled. Instead he acquiesced to his assistant.

    I guess he figures that because this issue precedes his taking the job (even though he lives here and knows full well the debate and its history) that he does not need to take the lead.

    My first impression of Daniel Fishbein, upon meeting him, did not inspire confidence in his leadership abilities.

    He may be a very nice fellow but there is no there there. I predict that he gets chewed up and spit out before his contract expires. The BOE, the educrats and the public will soon have him bumping from pillar to post.

    A Fred Stockley or John Porter he isn’t. These men, whether you liked them or not, made an impression. Mr. Fishbein does not.

  2. I sat with him for about an hour just last week. I found him thoughtful, concerned and willing to take the responsibility for selecting a math program for our elementary schools. While he believes that no one program can get the job done (who does?), I feel confident after our meeting that he will not cede this very important decision to his underlings and hired “professionals.”

    Let’s give him time to follow through a process, which began before he arrived, and which still has the potential to deliver a result which restores true math to our students curriculum.

    Yes, it’s hopeful thinking, but why not be hopeful?

  3. 9:46 here. You shouldn’t be hopeful 11:21. Where have you been? Have you missed the callous disregard the Board has displayed to parents’ math concerns. Remember the $9,000 spent on a math facilitator to tell the board what we were telling them for months already for free. Daniel Fishbein lives in Ridgewood and witnessed all of these things. While I met him only in passing and we exchanged but a few words, I think my summation that he will not show leadership will prove correct.

  4. 11:21am,

    You can hope all you want. He will be Borged just like Brennan before him. Resistance is futile.

    Borg Queen Regina will have him doing her bidding in short order. I mean really, look at the letter he sent home about tonight’s meeting. It sounds just like Regina-speak. I bet she even wrote it for him.

    You can hope all you want but if the past is anything to go by, he will toe the party line and follow Regina’s lead. Afterall, it is her portfolio.

  5. Really, Who the F is Regina?

    Are these people so weak and insecure that they don’t want to stand up and say that the emperor has no clothes?

    (The emperor in this scenario is NOT Regina… it is the VOR Mathematics curriculum.)

    It’s like we’ve all fallen down the rabbit hole and are quite pleased with our new surroundings.

  6. I’m not sure which is greater — 11:48’s imagination, or 11:48’s paranoia?

  7. Plainview/Old Bethpage ~ isn’t that where the Superintendent who quit before he started, because of the uproar over the curriculum, came from??
    And aren’t he and his wife the authors of a book on “Constructivism”?
    Guess they are equally unpopular in Long Island.
    How sad that Ridgewood’s “Tradition of Excellence” is a thing of the past.

  8. Plainview/Old Bethpage isn’t fighting the Math wars any more. The Math parents won!

    Brooks left for Ridgewood (then backed out) then all 3 sitting BOE members running for re-election lost.

    Investigations has been replaced by a new Math curriculum.

  9. 8:10, can you identify the new math curriculum that replaced Investigations at Plainview/Old Bethpage?

    I visited the POB school district website and could not find one shred of information about what mathematics materials they are currently using in the elementary schools.

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