Are you worried about using the schools as polling places?

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2008 at 9:54 pm

NO, this is all part of Karl Rove’s attempts to keep voter turnout as low as possible this year.
8 (11%)

NO, The Blue hairs can take on all comers
12 (17%)

Yes, Ridgewood is full of wimps we are an easy target
7 (10%)

NO, Wishful thinking that we are important enough to be a target
10 (14%)

NO, just a con by teachers to get another day off
12 (17%)

Yes, my child is a threat to public safety, I am always worried
8 (11%)

NO, it’s a commie plot to undermine the morals of our society
2 (2%)

NO,I am a Hockey mom I am not worried about anything
10 (14%)

Seemed most respondents felt safe at the polls and didn’t want the schools closed

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  1. I don’t feel that voting in our schools is a major security threat, but I respect the fact that others may. My concern as more to do with parking a traffic issues.
    With that said, your “poll” by the very way it was worded made it clear that you had little interest or value in any view against keeping the schools open. So why have a poll?

  2. If the schools want to close on election day they should pay the taxpayers for their added costs and inconvenience. All school personnel should not be paid for the day. Those monies should be placed in the general fund of each municipality that the school has decided, on whimsey and using the children as an excuse, to close.

    I think is quite audacious that school officials are using the fear factor with impunity. They work for us, the voters. We’ve always voted in the schools we pay for. Why change now? I’ve never in my life heard or read that shenanigans have occured in the polling places, other than the politicians, that is.

    The teachers and the children have enough days off. What’s next? School is closed because an airplane might crash into it?

  3. I didn’t know that teachers could get days off. If they don’t teach on Election Day, don’t they have to make it up on another day? When I was a teacher, we had to teach 180 days every year or our district lost its state aid. That’s why we hated snow days – meant extra days in June. (Don’t get all heated up because you work more than 180 days, that’s not my point here – just that closing on Election Day doesn’t give teachers an additional day off.)

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