Reader asks ,"Who has gained most from the Wall Street catastrophe? "

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Different thread, sort of:

George Soros, Hungarian-born financier said by Forbes to be one of the hundred richest people in the world, was the mastermind of Black Wednesday in Great Britain in 1992, which basically negated the worth of the pound sterling as a viable currency for Britain. The result was Britain’s inevitable decision to join the Continent by introducing the Euro as the pan-national currency. A concentration of financial power to attack national institutions is a scary thing.

Soros is a secretive, but nonetheless hugely influential, financial supporter of well-known Democratic causes in the United States, and is, in fact a major financial supporter of Candidate Obama’s campaign. How much? It can’t be tracked because of the interlocking corporations that Soros controls and the places from where he issues his money.

Soros makes his money betting against the moves of the market, otherwise known as hedge trading. He controls a lot of the market. He can make the market go up or down, depending on how he feels on a particular day.

I ask this: Is it possible that one of Obama’s most financially influential supporters caused, either directly or indirectly, the financial disaster in the United States?

Who has gained most from the Wall Street catastrophe?

An October surprise? Worked for the Republicans against Carter. Soros and Obama share the same One World view. Maybe Soros figured out a way to use our own system of capitalism to destroy the nation that perfected it.

I’d be interested to read how others feel.

Editors Note:

Largest recipients of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Campaign Contributions, 1989-2008

Dodd, Christopher CT D $165,400
Obama, Barack IL D $126,349
Kerry, John MA D $111,000

GigaGolf, Inc.

  1. This is a crazy conspiracy theory. Republicans are grabbing at everything but the issues.

    Wall Street benefited. The minor managers may lose their jobs, but the big money benefited from the bail out. They have no allegiance but to themselves

  2. 706 stick to the issue this is a Democratis Mess Period so grow up Obamas friend Soros probaly had something to do with it …

  3. yes wallstreet ahs benefitted by going out of business lol!!!!

  4. 7:06 there is only one issue — the greedy, corrupt Democrats, led by Barney Frank (gay prostitution run out of his basement), Chris Dodd (sweetheart mortgage deals on the sly and claws in Fannie Mae), Nancy Pelosi (Idiot-in-chief on parade), Harry Reid (El Loco of the North) and Obama (Manchurian candidate), using our financial markets as their personal piggy bank and bringing on the loss of trillions in personal savings and assets.

    Yes, let’s reward these bastards with even more power within our government.

  5. 7:06 is right — nothing more than a nutty conspiracy theory

  6. Ridgewood is not an “All Republican Town” any more….

    Give it up….. it’s all over finally.

  7. Interesting thread here. It is amazing to me that people can apply a political democratic vs republican view to almost anything.

    It is true that Soros Funds (and he personally) had a great profitable year. It is impossible and absurd that he could have “figured out a way to use our own system of capitalism to destroy the nation that perfected it.” Although he sure as hell learned how to profit from capitalism while he supports Socialism.

    That ridiculous thought being followed up by an even more ridiculous assertion that “wall street benefited” from our current disaster is just so far out there I can’t believe any relatively normal person really thinks that. Especially in Ridgewood and our surrounding area where much of the “big money” people have suffered life changing financial pain. Is Marx a contributor posting to this board? Apparently some of his follow

    Heard on the street today:
    Trader#1: This is worse than a divorce.
    Trader #2: How so?
    Trader #1: I just lost half my net worth but I still have my wife.

    (just kidding and I am only passing it on)

  8. Wow – childish name calling makes for great political discussion.

  9. Wow – saying “Wow” and then making a sarcastic comment makes me so much better than everyone else.

  10. would it be too much to ask to start a separate politics only blog so we don’t have to weed through this stuff?

  11. Wow – I know that I am. Now you do too.

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