I am Shocked yes Shocked …..

In Uncategorized on October 23, 2008 at 3:54 pm

Recently we received this comment:

“I am shocked and dismayed at the unbelievable behavior on this blog. I read this blog for a variety of reasons, but to think that I might have neighbors so ignorant and intolerant in their thoughts about others blows me away. Once I finish this message I am deleting The Ridgewood Blog from my news favorites.”

Yes we too are also shocked from time to time :

May we remind you that on this Blog parents from Travell have been told repeatedly by BOE defenders that their kids are stupid that’s why they don’t get the “dumb dumb “ math .

We have had people speak up for child molesters , and people excuse and defend not paying children for umpire services and when the soil was suspected of being contaminated at one of our schools a wise BOE defender said tell the kids ,dont’t eat the dirt and yes we would agree that some of your neighbors are ignorant and intolerant and yes it blows us away also that’s why we post it to keep you up to date on what your friends are thinking.

By the way if you really want to be “shocked” you should see the stuff we don’t post!

Enterprise Rent-A-CarNetflix, Inc.Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

  1. As one reader stated, “don’t be so damned precious.”

  2. P.J.,

    Some people are just too, what is the word I am looking for… ?

    It will come to me. In the mean time, one has to wonder why people are so “shocked” by what others say.

  3. PJ there are a few jerks in town and we all know who they are but alot of the other gabage comments are either from the flog or BOE hacks or the partisan jerks that stick up for anything

  4. lots of people that have no friends post on this blog repetively , I see the same stupid comments posted over and over and like “new jersey bashing” or these stupid fly swatter comments who seems to be never right anything including his or hers recent attack on diabled people …..

  5. i love ridgewood said…

    “PJ there are a few jerks in town and we all know who they are… “

    I Love Ridgewood, please tell us, who are these people we all know?

    We don’t have a clue who you are speaking of.

  6. It’s not usually the comment so much the way it’s expressed. The level of ignorance and irrationality is “shocking”. How tough are you when you post an anonymous comment calling people who disagree with you “morons”–isn’t that pretty cowardly? Of course, the people who post these kinds of comments are trying to shock. Apparently they feel that is the only way they can get a point across.

    Fortunately, I have a solution: it seems that the more outrageously vulgar or ignorant comments tend to correlate with butchered spelling, grammar and syntax. Everyone has a typo once in a while but perhaps there should be a rule that no comment gets posted if it contains more than one spelling or grammatical error per sentence.

  7. 9:38am,

    I find yer comentz about spellin and gramer to be eleetists and down write rude. Not everyone went to college like you some of us had to work to saport our familys.

    And if the truth be told their are some people who deserv to be called morons becuase the have no comon cents.

  8. I think it’s clear that there are some people in the Village who hold anti-Ridgewood views. The wife of one prominent Ridgewood official said that only recently was she proud of Ridgewood. That’s not the way most Ridgewoodians feel about our Village.

    I think this blog would do a great service if it would investigate other Ridgewood citizens in order to find out if they are pro-Ridgewood or anti-Ridgewood.

  9. 1118 nice thought police ..what next?

  10. i still cant get over how many people supported the idea of NOT PAYING the Kids for umping ….its disgusting

  11. what gets on my nerves is that there is this group of people lets call them the brown nosers always trying to negate everything on this blog and turn every thing into politics ….I got news for you all the village hall flooding after every rain has nothing to do with Bush …lol I mean look at the comments on the hadicaped parking the brown nosers even attack disabled people ..I just shake my head

  12. Funny how certain topics are always off limits.

    No one can say anything critical about how we deal with the issues concerning the handicapped, blacks, Jews, teachers and any other designated minority or “victim” status group.

    Really, this is very sad indeed because without free debate, no matter how distasteful to some, can there ever be a solution to any problem that is meaningful.

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