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There used to be a time when Ridgewood residents were smart enough to sift through all of the new theories and ideas and separate the wheat from the chaff. They would implement only those ideas that were of the highest caliber and which would measurably improve their own value and greatness and those of their children and neighbors. These sound primary individual decisions would yield a secondary effect of fundamentally improving Ridgewood as a whole which in turn lead to the by-product of elevating and sustaining Ridgewood as a premier community.

Now it seems like the residents are so focused on the primary goal of building and maintaining the perception of “premier status” that they are easily fooled by any charlatan claiming to have something new… Many current residents are so insecure in their own judgments that they happily relinquish their decision making power to any golden tongued “expert” touting some “shiny new” theory or idea. Everything is treated as wheat even when it is chaff…and when one dines on too much chaff, one is not long for this world.

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  1. If it were only as simple as residents not knowing a charlatan when they see one.

    It is more than not being able to tell the wheat from the chaff.

    There is a group of residents who wish to change the way Ridgewood functions. They see the Ridgewood of old as a place that was intolerant to diversity and wish to make “amends” for its perceived past transgressions.

    They mistakenly see the Ridgewood of old as being conservative and close-minded and therefore are bent on reforming its image.

    Hence, we have a BOE that for the past 12 years, under the spell of social workers, in the process of trying to re-engineer our village via the school system in a purely secular-progressive manner.

    It starts with nonsense programs like Open Circle and then the administration of an illegal behavioral survey to our youth.

    It continues with the hiring of “crisis councilors” for our schools and reform math based on the discredited assumptions about learning and a lack of competent math teachers from our mediocre teachers’ colleges.

    It is about embracing the silly notion that “Cultural-all-a-day” can replace the study of cultures by doing away with geography classes in elementary school.

    It is about banishing anything with a religious reference from our public square, like naming the town Christmas Tree a “Holiday Tree.” What’s next, should we refer to the Menorah as a candle holder for fear of offending the Christian?

    In school Christmas songs are no longer sung at the Christmas concert, now named the politically correct “Winter Concert,” for fear of offending. And we wonder, as we remove the basis for morality in our schools, why our children become more detached and able to behave with cruel manners.

    It is about banning things like playground tag and dodge-ball because some body will be “it.”

    They implement and sell this social engineering in the name of maintaining Ridgewood’s “premier status.” But make no mistake about it; there is a concerted effort by a few to radically change the way Ridgewood functions.

    The bills of goods they peddle sound wonderful on the face of it. However, a critical examination of the details too often exposes inherent weaknesses which are counter productive to the development of our children’s future and our community.

    If this trend is not put in check it will be only a matter of time before we go the way of Montclair. Families will soon discover that the perception is not the reality in Ridgewood and they will no longer choose to live or move here.

    One is not convinced that residents are so much “insecure in their own judgments that they happily relinquish their decision making power to any golden tongued “expert” touting some “shiny new” theory or idea,” as they are intimidated by those who call themselves “Doctor” and by politicians and wannabes who will publicly demonize and privately retaliate against their families for expressing a critical view of their social engineering initiatives in our village and schools.

    Some times it is just more cost effective to buy into the prevailing fades and ideas than to fight for what you instinctively know to be right. The “social engineers” can make the price for opposing them pretty high.

    On the other hand, many of us are just down right intellectually lazy and refuse to do the work necessary to guarantee the future well being of our community, leaving the heavy lifting to just a few brave individuals.

    We get the government we deserve, witness the lack of participation in our BOE elections.

  2. You need to move to an island.

  3. 6:58 – You need to be voted off the island

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