NJT board to vote, this week, on high platforms for Ridgewood station

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Posted by trainsarefun on Sun Oct 12 18:02:58 2008, in response to Re: NJT board to vote, this week, on high platforms for Ridgewood station, posted by RonInBayside on Sun Oct 12 17:25:18 2008.

“Staff also seeks authorization to amend the existing professional services with Stantec (formerly Vollmer Associates) of Newark, New Jersey, for Construction Support services related to the construction contract in the amount of $1,000,000, plus five percent for contingencies, for a total contract authorization of $3,045,000, subject to the availability of funds.”

The math in that sentence doesn’t add up.

Well, it’s an NJT computation, so we all know what that means. 🙂

Construction project managers are usually paid a percentage of the contract value. Is it possible they really meant some percent of $23 million. 10% of 23 million is $2.3 million, plus another five percent contingency, would be $1.15 million extra. But that doesn’t add up either.

More seriously, though, notice that it’s an amendment to an existing contract. Here is an example of another agenda item doing something similar, in terms of accounting, which is also on for this week’s board meeting:



In August 2006, NJ TRANSIT initiated preliminary engineering for the Access to the Region’s Core project, also known as THE Tunnel Project. A continuation of these services through Extended Preliminary Engineering is required up to receipt of the Record of Decision (ROD) to ensure the project starts construction in 2009. The ROD is currently anticipated this fall and permission to enter into Final Design by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will be issued shortly thereafter.

Staff seeks authorization to fund Extended Preliminary Engineering through 2008 and Final Design for 2009 and 2010 by extending contract (No. 06-046) with THE Partnership, a joint venture between Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc., STV Inc., and DMJM Harris, Inc. of Newark, NJ, for Engineering / Architectural consultant services for the Access to the Region’s Core/THE Tunnel Project at a cost not to exceed $124,000,000, plus five percent for contingency, for a total contract authorization of $214,493,869, subject to the availability of funds. The consultant services for Final Design will be initiated after a Record of Decision and approval to enter Final Design has been obtained from the FTA.

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  1. it,s a bought time that place is a shit hole.

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