A Great Meal

In Uncategorized on October 8, 2008 at 1:14 pm

from the Daily Bite blog…..

Catching up on email today, I found one arranging for dinner with The Golf Channel at Marcello’s
in Ridgewood NJ (this all was while in NJ for the Barclays Golf Tournament).

It caught my eye because it was a memorable evening with VERY memorable food. I had one of the best steak dishes I’d ever had and I’d be remiss if I didn’t post it in case any of you ever find yourself anywhere near Ridgewood, NJ.

It was the “Marado” – Filet Mignon stuffed with smoked mozzarella, prosciutto
and spinach, portobello mushroom, port wine.

I am salivating just thinking of it.

by Tina


  1. Yea, like the average Ridgewood family eats filet mignon.

    Tina, at $15.00 a pound, I think most of us are a bit more conservative with our grocery budgets.

  2. 120 is a pathetic asshole its a review of a place to eat in ridgewood a-hole! I didnt know that housing projects were open already?

  3. 1:15,

    Sticks and stones will break my bones… but names will never hurt me.

    Oh, and like the average family can afford to dine out on filet mignon.

    Pathetic elitist crap.

    Where’s my baloney sandwich and lunch pail?

  4. Wow 1:52, one hopes that you are a Democrat and not a Republican.

  5. its a Restaurant review moron ,whats the matter mommy didnt get you a BMW ? stop with the class warfare stuff you sound like a real loser

  6. One can only hope 6:06, that you get laid off from your financial firm soon.

    Then you can work at Marcello’s to make the payments on your BMW.

  7. Marcello’s Dining Room …. A gracious atmosphere.. BYO (save) A little expensive but that Filet Mignon can’t be beat! Now, if James would pick up the check once in awhile, it would be even better. I highly recommend the Restaurant for a special treat …. give it a try. Dom.

  8. 651 is another 1970’s low life

  9. What is the difference between a “low life” and a “1970’s low life”?

    I am NOT trying to be facetious. I have never heard that phrase.

    Please explain.

    Thanks –

  10. since the 1970’s was the low life generation ….to be 1970’s low life means that that person is a lowlife’s lowlife ….the 70’s generation has zero leadership qualities..thus the mess we are in right now in the word ,but another couple of years and the can do 1980’s people take over thank god and they will fix this mess…

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