Whats you’re favorite Pizza in Ridgewood?

In Uncategorized on October 7, 2008 at 3:32 pm

46 (30%)

Ridgewood Pizza
12 (7%)

19 (12%)

36 (23%)

Mamma Rosa’s
3 (1%)

24 (15%)

a player to be named later
13 (8%)

Votes : 153

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  1. There is no question Puzo’s has the best pizza in town. Their new dining room is nice, the prices are reasonable and the food is great.

  2. What about the new La Bella

  3. didn’t we just have this conversation?

  4. I really like the new La Bella. Two pies = $ 20 on Monday and Wednesday. Can’t be beat. Great sauce. Terrific owner.

    (Must have taken them FOREVER to clean up that dump but clean it is!)

  5. rosa,s is gone with the wind,wake up

  6. Ridgewood Pizza??? The box it comes in tastes better.

  7. The pizza at Puzos may be good but I recommend getting it to go or delivered. The service at Puzos is horrific.

  8. hands down the best pizza in town is Puzo’s ! As far as service their may only be one person in that place that is on the rude side (the heavier woman) grossa da porka maserio a face da bruta ! Ask for Linda to serve you when you are eating in ! A pleasant women who knows her stuff!

  9. Our family has always had great service when at Puzo’s.

    Maybe you were there on a bad day or something.

  10. I think chestnut deil should start makeing pizza,just maybe it will help them out. your pal,the paint boy.

  11. If you really want the best pizza in town then it ONLY PUZZO’S. Who else makes all their ingredients fresh every day? ONLY PUZZO’S !


    The sauce is mad from scratch each day, the mozerella is made fresh and every dish is cooked to order.

    I have never had a bad meal at this place and when you talk about value this is the place. You could spend double at the other resturants in town and not receive the same quality food !

  12. yea then maybe the food will be good in that dump of a deil they are allwas bull shiting in that place and they never make it the way you ask.and the workers are all ways changeing.no good they should just sell it.its time they dont get a long anymore.

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