Graydon Pool Presentation tonight at 7:15 P.M. at the Stable Bldg

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Graydon Pool Presentation tonight at 7:15 P.M. at the Stable Bldg for the PRC BD There will be a Village Council representation there too. ….

I hope you could be there… This will be my last Hurrah… to find a solution for a project that can produce income and Community Support.

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  1. “Dom says” … Memberships from 6,000 to less than 2,000 now and more losses expected in 2009 … challenges of health and safety need to be confronted now. They cannot be avoid any longer.

    Understanding the “problem” is a must to arrive at a Pool design that can be reasonably supported by Recreation,Education, Chamber, Realtors and Health Providers.

    Yes… Dom needs your help NOW. The only major Village project that can produce Income for its operational costs and financial support from everyone for constructio. Suggest you at least hear what he has to say.

  2. Damn Cement Ponders!

  3. we do not have the money.times are very bad.what spend money at that place and lay off workers .we are so under staff now.

  4. go ahead and cement it in, just don’t raise my taxes or ask for extra money

  5. Destroying Graydon is not a solution. Put Dom’s pool in the Habernikel property. They could turn it into the exclusive country club type atmosphere that the cementers are looking for.

  6. a pj do a story on how much money the town has in the bank,thats cash only ,and how much do we have inthe worth of what the town has like buildings and shit like that.

  7. No representation by any Village Coucil person was there … guess they were all a little busy watching the President Debate and playing a little politics.

    …A Ridgewood News Reporter was assigned to cover the meeting…by Ridgewood News Editor I understand.

    Perhaps, a fair published report will be made in Friday’s Ridgewood News? Other business items are discussed at these meetings and minutes are taken. What really happens at these once a month meetings? Do you know?

    Wonder if those minutes are available to the general public?

  8. CEMENT IT ! Stop kidding yourself thinking a puddle of water is a lake !

  9. STOP spending.

    Town Council, STOP listening to every special interest group in this town who wants to SPEND the taxpayers money.

    Even if the special interest groups can convince the council that this won’t cost the taxpayers a cent…

    It Will,

    It always does

  10. New Belgian Study finds Asthma risk for outdoor chlorinated pools. And we all know that a concrete pool can (and will) have a higher concentration of chlorine than Graydon’s current sand bottom artifical lake design.
    In fact one of the repeated argument for replacing Graydon with a concrete pool is that higher levels of chlorine can be used (including periodic chlorine shocks) which cannot be done in Graydon’s current configuration.


    Outdoor pools boost child’s asthma risk: study

    By Michael Kahn
    Wed Sep 24, 7:07 PM ET

    LONDON (Reuters) – Swimming in outdoor chlorinated pools appears to increase the odds a child will develop asthma, Belgian researchers said on Thursday.

    Other studies have linked chlorine and asthma but the new findings published in the European Respiratory Journal cast doubt on the idea outdoor pools are safer than indoor ones where chlorine vapors remains trapped inside an enclosed space.

    “The more you swim, the higher the risk,” said Alfred Bernard, a toxicologist at Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels, who led the study. “What is new in this study is that we looked at outdoor pools for the first time.”

    Asthma, which affects more than 300 million people worldwide, is the most common pediatric chronic illness. Symptoms include wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing and chest tightness.

    Bernard and colleagues showed that outdoor pools are just as or more risky than indoor ones because harmful vapors remain at the pool surface and do not drift away.

    And because children tend to spend more time in pools they are more likely to swallow chlorinated water or ingest vapors containing chemicals that attack the cellular barriers protecting the lung from allergens, Bernard said.

    “We see that the risk of the outdoor pool is equal and even higher than indoor pools because children tend to spend longer in outdoor pools and they are more chlorinated,” he said.

    The Belgian team tested 847 students around the age of 15 for allergies and asthma and asked their parents about exposure to asthma risks such as tobacco smoke, pets and pollution, and how much time the children had spent in chlorinated pools.

    The researchers determined that the risk for the 50 percent of children predisposed to allergies and asthma was directly related to the amount of time spent in a pool.

    Children with the highest pool attendance — one hour per week for 10 years — were five times more likely to be asthmatic than young people who had never swum in a pool, the study found.

    “Young children are more exposed because they take more water into their airways and their lungs are still developing,” Bernard said in a telephone interview.

    (Reporting by Michael Kahn; Editing by Janet Lawrence)


  11. to all tell them all to show us the money.we do not have it.when we do then fix it.we can not keep spending money that we dont have,wake up.

  12. To “wake up”…

    Oh go jump in the Lake.. and shut up…. you add nothing of value here. Asthma … is a Medical Condition from many causes. Let a medical provider supply the remedy. Not you….

  13. I dare any of you naturalist to go jump in that water today and stay in it for a couple of hours ! Maybe eve use that horrific mud content on your body as a scrub ! I bet the Canadians would be smiling to see you glow so brightly !

    I have my shovel ready for the cement ! Willing and able to help!

    By the way as soon as it is my family of 7 is joining the complex !

  14. Good coverage of the meeting by Mike Sedon reporter for the Ridgewood News…

    His follow-up questioning of those with primary interest was well done.

    Something is in the works finaly for an improved Graydon. Show the Council some support and help get them started soon.

  15. Let Bolger pay for the new pool.

    We can name the diving board after him…we’ll call it the Bolger Flopper.

  16. There are a number of different reasons why people dont go to Graydon in the numbers they once did. Two reasons that don’t seem to get talked about: (i) there are quite a few homes with their own backyard pools and (ii) among those that don’t have a backyard pool, many have a second home, down the shore or elsewhere. These people wont be joining Graydon no matter what you do and their ranks seem to have really swelled in the last 10-20 years. You will never again see membership at 6000.

  17. OK, I come in at the tail end of this discussion…CEMENTING GRAYDON POOL?!?!?
    Who came up with that lamebrain idea?
    One of the redeeming qualities of my summers was lazing on the grass, kicking back on 3rd raft, or pissing of the guards by hanging around in the water near the high dive!
    Graydon is a classic part of Ridgewood; too many of the old places are already cemented or built over…leave Graydon be and fix it so it’s RETURNED TO IT’S ORIGINAL GLORY!

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