Readers says ,"The party is over for New Jersey

In Uncategorized on October 6, 2008 at 11:29 am

. The reality has set in. New Jersey has a very high cost of doing business. Notice that our major industry, the drug industry is laying off THOUSANDS. Of course that is already happenning in the financial industry. Expect more of your neighbors to be looking for work. When the economic conditions become more favorable (hopefully sooner than later) these large employers will hire again, but not here. This state has become socialist under our last few democratic governors and and your state senators and congress. Trenton couldnt stop spending. You reap what you sow. If Trenton doesnt chop employees and wasteful spending, this state is history.


  1. So now what we become part of Alabama or Alaska?

    The problem here and all over is benefits to aliens. They are milking the system dry.

    We need BIG reform in how the benefits are handed out. Perhaps you have to have a SS number and perhaps you need to have a passport to get a SS card.

    If you are an illegal alien and have a baby in the US and NJ you get benefits. Housing, food stamps, health care. Soooo, just keep having babies.
    Kind of heartless some will say, Well don’t come here for a freebie in the first place. I too hard for my money and i have to PAY for my benefits. They should too or not live here.

    The drug industry does not carry the state. There has been a trend in the last two years to leave NJ for greener pastures in the west.
    Calf. will be the next drug industry stronghold.

    Drugs are doing quite will in Newark and Paterson, I’ll have you know.
    I guess its Location, Location.

  2. Well, there we go 7:06. Whenever times get tough it is inevitable that we’ll blame the immigrants. Typical. Wrong, but typical.

  3. no 726 they are blaming “illegal” imigrants big difference and people who come here looking for a free ride ….moochers ! how ever in new jersey is so full of moochers i dont thjink the illegals make any difference

  4. Yeah, let's blame the immigrants & the socialists for all of our problems. Then we'll feel good about our status as the minority party.

  5. 823 there you go again its ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ASSHOLE !!! and yes socailisnm is a fialure glad you finaly figured it out ….

  6. Well, I’m just glad that Obama is going to be elected and fix everything.

  7. 9:30
    I can wait, we’ll see who’ll gets all the benefits after BO gets elected.

    I’ll bet it won’t be me or you.


    ooh, I love it when you use that third exclamation point…then I know we’re in the presence of an intellectual…

  9. the southern states will get our jobs. business does not need to be here with the high costs (TAXES). but the democrats who rule the roost here just dont get it..YET..but they will very soon when there are fewer taxpayers to feed their never-ending appetite for $$$ to spend….and redistribute to their constituents in paterson and camden

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